Scorpio or not?

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I had made up my mind to book Scorpio CRDe DX model until I read the safari vs scorpio thread and damn there goes my mind all over the place again!


Honestly I had not even considered Safari until today. I compared Scorpio with Innova and chose Scorpio because I can't afford a chaueffer and with Inoova you definitely need one, thats for sure. I understand that Innova perhaps has better technology compared to both Scorpio and Safari but somehow its not an SUV - its more of a family car!


I also agree with the statement on different individual annd different needs therefore had chosen Scorpio over anything else.


But I'm confused now - why is everyone so negative about the Scorpio!!??!!


Help please!

FuelRunGod2008-01-30 13:15:05

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Thanks anjan_c2007 , viktheram  and katalysm76  for your comments.


I have pretty much made up my mind on the Scorpio and completely agree on the secondary market bit - Scorpio indeed is not sold like junk there.


Perhaps will not be able to wait for Sumo Grande coz somehow I'm not convinced with any of the Tata SUVs till date.


But thanks for sparing your time and responding to my mail - it helps to have some kind of reassurance when one is spending a decent amount of money!

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Scorpio 2.6



Engine, good for city use



Cramped interiors, ride & handling



If you have to buy the scorpio, I would suggest the new 2.2 Mhawk. The biggest drawback of the old scorpio ie. ride & handling has been taken care of along with a host of other improvements.


Alternatively, you have the Safari 2.2 VTT, the quality isn't great, although faster than the Mhawk, the engine is noisier. But you get loads of space and its a much better cruiser than the Scorpio. But if you want a car for exclusive city use, nothing comes close to the Scorpio.


Take a test drive of both back to back and see which you like better.



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