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Quality of Vespa 125 front suspension

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Hi all,

I am looking to buy a used Vespa 125cc scooter and have a query about its - and other scooters' - front suspension.

I have checked out numerous Activas in the market and noticed that nearly all of them seem to have some problem with the front suspension. As soon as you get up to speed and momentarily let go of the handlebars the scooter tends to pull to the left or the right.

I initially thought that they must all have been involved in accidents of some sort. But then a mechanic pointed out that the front suspensions are not "heavy duty" and get "loosened up" (due to frequent running in ditches for instance) quite fast, and hence this pulling.

Can anyone share their experience of riding the recently launched Vespa 125cc scooters? What is the performance of the front suspension in this regard? Is it the same as other scooters, or better?


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I don't think there would be any problem with Vespa 125 suspension, considering its geometry & design in my mind, neither it uses any delicate parts which can wear-tear too soon or with l'll bit of harsh usage, considering the same type of front suspension we were driving in our Bajaj Chetak, LML Vespa range of scooters since many decades.

Piaggio has further refined it in their latest launch, although it's bit stiff against super soft Bottom-link type suspension of Activa, Activa-i, Hero Pleasure & Maestro which uses couple of Trailing link with bush sets on either sides, which wear SOMEWHAT early on rough potholed roads driving.

I've experienced the latter as a problem in my previous Kinetic Nova 115 but it neither cropped up as a trouble in our Honda Activa which is with us since last 3.5 years. Touch wood, its still working very fine with its advantage being, it absorbs pothole dive impact & don't transmits it to the driver's shoulders, which usually telescopic front shockers do but the latter are relatively maintenance prone than Bottom-link arms.

To sum up, Vespa 125 front suspension combines the balance of both comfort & reliability of Bottom-link suspension(Activa) & Telescopic shock absorbers(Aviator, Access, Wego) respectively.

but it's better to drive against scooters telescopic

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