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Automobile Applications for Android, Windows, & iOS

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Hi Friends,

Mobility is what would define computing in the coming times. The software and applications which we use would not only significantly make our lives easy but would also keep us connected to our dear ones at all times.

I thought of creating a thread where all fellow enthusiasts can share details of various applications available for Android, Windows, and iOS which are related to automobiles.

Since I am an Android user, below are some of the applications available on Play Store that I have used and found to be pretty useful:

  1. Navier HUD (Free Version) – Ever thought of having a similar windscreen projection system as the more expensive BMWs and the likes? Well, this application does exactly the same; it projects the speed and syncs with Google Maps on your Android phone to project the navigation on to your windscreen. All you need to do is enter your destination and place your cellphone on the dashbard and the voila, its done. It is one of the snazziest and useful apps I have ever used. Highly rated and recommended to add some jazz to your drive.
  2. Google Maps – Don’t think this app really needs an introduction. Very accurate and reliable.

Additions to this thread would be highly appreciated.


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SYGIC is an excellent android app.

Unlike other navigation tools (like gmaps, mapmyindia, ndrive etc.,), this app downloads the required

maps onto the sdcard/internal memory and makes them available in a off-line mode. What it means

is that you do not incurr any data charges or network charges while driving/navigating.

The best part is that you can download only those maps which you really need. State-wide maps are

available. These maps are from which ensure that you get only the latest maps.

Once the maps are downloaded, you activate the gps on your mobile and you are ready to drive on

and on and on. Without a worry about the data charges or the connectivity part of it.

I recently used it when travelling from Tirupati to Hyderabad to Indore to Ujjain and Omkareswar.

I downloaded only the maps of AP (Andhra Pradesh) and MP (Madhya Pradesh). Great app.

Try once.

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Hi Bhavneet! Would you happen to know of a reliable OBD II Bluetooth adapter to pair with Torque? I bought one but the same never worked. :(

@Hersch, you may try using ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth diagnostic adapter.

I have used it along with TorquePro app on my Etios and it worked like charm.

You can have a look at my below thread (unfortunately was not able to keep that thread up-to-date).

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