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car braking feeling on second gear to third gear shift

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I have Honda city Exi, 1.3 ltr, 2000 model , type 2.

I have a problem wherein , when i shift gears from 2nd to 3rd or sometimes from 1st to 2nd ; i feel as though the car/engine is applying a brake on itself and the rpm goes down to almost the 0 mark and after a few seconds of car jerking , it comes to normal.

This becomes irritating when driving in traffic and this happens only sometimes and i am not able to figure out when it happens.

Please help to solve the problem or provide a few suggestions. A few garages I showed cant figure out the problem

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Does the gear shift become hard when you downshift before the car starts to jerk? How many kms has the car run? Also check air filter if its clogged and its pipe for any blockages, since you have show it to service center they might have checked this already but give it a try.

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