in pain with mahindra customer service

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i bought a scorpio vlx in 2010.My scorpio went to service , as it was showing" check the engine" but the problem continued and during its service its valve was broken by the worker..

now the company personal is asking for replacement of valve.. And the manager is saying the cost of valve should be paid by me... the car is still in warranty period..

I'm in great pain with this rude behaviour by mahindra customer service..

I request autocar to provide some help......

I reside in Mirzapur,Uttar Pradesh..

Please Provide some help.....

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Too hard to pinpoint whose at fault.

Problem is nothing can be proved at either end , try to find a middle way.

Meanwhile , Mahindra has recalled 900 its Scorpio Ex variants for pressure valve defects manufactured in Oct /Nov

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Collect all athe documents regarding service and maintenance( like bills, job card etc). Go through the documents and collect evidences that you have informed the service centre about the problem, in time . Talk to the mahindra customer care and get a complain number, always. Many of the workshop people are careless and ill-experienced as the service centres hire them for low salaries. we should improve the knowledge in car maintenance so that we will not be fooled. Try hard with mahindra and make it that you will get justice from the service centre

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