Why so low FE- Chevy SPARK..

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Hey guys actually i hav a Spark LT and i bought that on 29th Sept. ..i have done 2000 KMS on that car still the Fuel efficiency is like below 10...So please tell me what to do...I ask the dealer when i gave it for 1st service and he said that complete 1500 KMS than car will give good average but till now its giving below 10 and when i again asked him than he told that you dont know how to calculate you can come with us you have to fill full fuel tank than we will take a 50KMS test and then we will calculate the Average...I think its not done 50KMs in a city like Surat are much..50KMs are not normal for us dislike Delhi and Mumbai and othe big cities...My uncle also owns a spark LT bought 2months before and he is also having same problem...Now what to do please tell me..also any spark owners here..


Note From Admin: Please take time out to post in the correct section. I don't see how an FE problem on a car is seen fit to be posted in the Indian Bikes Section.
FuelRunGod2008-02-02 16:38:59

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FE depends on not just tank fills.....there are a lot of other factors as FRG pointed out the tyre pressures/driving style(heavy clutched driving/hard breaking)tank fills to be done only if the engine is cold(should maintain this method at every fill)..may be you can get the filters cleaned....

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What is your driving cycle like?  I mean how much do you drive on an avegare and how do you achieve that? Is it

  • Drive for 10-15 km ata stretch?
  • Drive for very short distances every time like 2-3 km?

If it is B, then you are always driving you vehicle in its

sub-optimal condition. A vehicle needs to warm up to a certain

temperature to perform efficiently. This might be one of the factors

affecting FE.

If it is the first point and still you are getting such low figures

then you need to give your car a thorough a check and revisit your

driving style as well as the quality of the fuel.

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