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Porsche Recalls New 911 GT3s to Inspect Engines Over Fire Concerns, Tells Owners to Stop Driving

Following yesterday’s announcement that it will temporarily stop deliveries and sales of 911 GT3 vehicles after reports of two cars catching fire, Porsche swiftly moved to announce a recall of all 2014 model year 911 GT3 vehicles.

The sports car manufacturer said it is recalling all 785 delivered vehicles worldwide to inspect their engines. Porsche said it is directly informing the owners and “recommending that they stop using their vehicles.” Furthermore, “the carmaker is offering to pick up the vehicles and take them to a Porsche Centre immediately,” says the release.

Porsche said internal studies to determine the cause of the engine damage have not been completed yet, but it will report on any new findings immediately. Engineers at Porsche are still examining the remains of the burnt vehicles from Switzerland and Italy.

The recall comes after engine damage occurred in two vehicles in Europe, causing them to catch fire. There was no traffic accident and no one was hurt. The 469hp Porsche 911 GT3 is the hardcore version of the current 991 series and costs €137,303 in Germany and US$130,400 in the United States.

By Dan Mihalascu



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GM recalls 1.5 million more vehicles

18 Mar 2014, 08:42 AM

General Motors Co announced new recalls of 1.5 million vehicles on Monday and in a virtually unprecedented public admission by a GM chief executive, Mary Barra acknowledged the company fell short in catching faulty ignition switches linked to 12 deaths.

"Something went wrong with our process in this instance, and terrible things happened," she told employees in a video message posted online. Barra said the company is changing how it handlesdefect investigations and recalls.q

In the last two months, GM has recalled more than 3.1 million vehicles in the United States and other markets. The actions started with last month's recall of more than 1.6 million vehicles for faulty ignition switches. The latest recalls cover airbag wiring harnesses, brake parts and other components across several models.

The Detroit automaker said on Monday it would take a USD 300 million charge in the first quarter,primarily to cover the costs related to the ignition-switch recall and the three new recalls.Barra previously apologized for GM's failure to catch the faulty ignition switches sooner. In Monday's video, she said GM is "conducting an intense review of our internal processes and will have more developments to announce as we move forward."

The decade-long process that led to last month's ignition-switch recall of such older GM models as the 2005-2007 Chevrolet Cobalt and 2003-2007 Saturn Ion has led to government criminal and civil investigations, congressional hearings and class-action lawsuits in the United States and Canada. All ask why GM took so long to address a problem it has said first came to its attention in 2001.

Barra said on Monday that the company was working with the supplier of the ignition switches,Delphi Automotive , to add a second production line for replacement parts and that customers would receive a detailed notice by mail during the second

more on the link :

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A company like Toyota takes 9 years (2005) to spot the problem.

A possible life threatening situation for the vehicle owners.

I am guessing its time to BUMP UP our INSURANCE policies , as even buying the most safe cars is being rendered useless if its safety apparatus does not perform due to a manufacturing defect that takes even its manufacturer decades to trace back.

god be with us

Toyota Innova Recall

Read more on the autocar main page , link provided below

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Auto recall no more an easy call

New ministers of heavy industries , Annt Geete will meet utomakers next week.

Issue of imposing penalties on companies for defective vehicles that make their way to the market and have to be subsequently recalled.

According to the proposal higher the number of recall , higher would be the penalty.

read more on the topic

in todays Mail Today Newspaper, page 27 , My Biz section

web version of mailtoday is available on

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Two million Accords produced post 2001 , V6 variant in particular have been recalled due to safety issues.

Airbag problem : Propellant used causes airbags to burts.Takata Corp. , a global supplier of airbags is in the limelight,beware other car manufacturers using airbags from this company.

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M&M to recall 23500 Scorpio Ex

For replacement of an unspecified component , for vehicles manufactured between May 2012 and November 2013

Some reports say its a faulty fuel pressure regulating valve which maintains a constant fuel pressure in the engine for optimum performance this does not in any way impair safety but results in loss of performance.

This inspection and replacement will be done free of cost and

"This recall does not effect any other Scorpio Variant"

There was a similar recall of a smaller batch of 985 units of the same variant in December last year.

The article also points outthat there have been over 700000 vehicles recalled in India in the last two years.

Recent Recall Summary







Dzire , Ertiga


Ford Varied models












Excerpts for an Article in Hndustan Times page 15, Business Section

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