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Honda Recall Alert

Reference my previous post from June 27.

As mentioned above the recall has now spilt over to CRVs also

There is a recall of both Accord and CRVs over passenger side airbags

Check autocar pages for more

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Honda steals the show today

HONDA recalls 2338 units of BRIO,AMAZE,CRV in India

Two days after Japanese auto major Nissan recalled 9000 caPs in India to replace defective airbags, Honda on Monday said it is recalling 2338 units for a siilar problem with driver side airbags

The recall second in year by Honda , covers

1040 units of Brio

1235 units of sedan Amaze

63 units of CRV

manufactured between September 2011 and July 2014

The fault lies in an incorrect assembly of baffle plate that may result in the pressure within the inflator to rise excessively when the driver side airbag is deployed in an accident.

More on the page indicated below


Page 13

Hindustan Times

Delhi Edition

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Govt may retain recall clause in new MV Act

Vehicles to be recalled if 100 people complain about a particular defect, cos say provision will hit industry

5 Lakh :

penalty per vehicle that companies may face in case of production defects

3 Months:

Jail term for manufacturers of defective vehicles


Total no. of complaints required to mandate a recall


Total no of recalls in last two years according to SIAMs voluntary recall code introduced in 2012


No of people killed in road accidents in India in 2013


HT Delhi Edition

Business Section

Dated Today

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Ford Recall

3000 Fiesta recalled in india, part of 221000 global recall.

Glow Plug Defect

New design, waterproof ,Glow Plug Modules will be installed.

Contact local Ford Dealer for more.


Pg 17, HT Delhi Edition , Business Section

Edited by librankur

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Toyota and Honda Global recall

Takata airbags :

Investigations showed airbags inflators not properly sealed and could be damaged by moisture

Nissan and Daihatsu have already been recalled 30 million cars since 2010.

India Affect

Corollas manufactured between March 2003 and November 2007 could be covered under the recall.

Toyota India ha, already issued a recall in 2013.


AirBags erupt with too much force , spraying sharpnels inside the car, six deaths have already been rwported this far.

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Nissan , Toyota , Mitsubishi recall 3.5mn cars world wide , India partly hit


12000 units of Micra , Sunny

reason rework Engine Switch

700 uni5 of Teana and X Trail

reason Defective Airbags


HT Delhi Edition

Business Section

Page 19

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GM Recalls

1.6L cars for Battery Issues Spark , Beat and Enjoy affected.

Reason : Battery wiring harness issues that could lead to Fire.

Restricted to those fitted with remote keyless entry accessory provided by AutoCop.

Manufactured between 2007 and 2014.

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