2008 - a year in the Courts for Bajaj Auto?

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The year began for Bajaj with a pending Flame vs  XCD court case in Chennai High Court and the Supreme Court.

 Now there's another in Bombay High Court wherein the Maharashtra Govt has been dragged in with Bajaj  to ask them about the safety provisions they provide for pillion riders on two wheelers. The statistics as the petitioner has put it says that 2 wheelers accounted for 15.1% of all accidents in India in 2005. A total of 2439 bikers died smiley19.gif in 2005.Hand grips, foot rails and mud guards on rear of 2 wheelers for pillions must be mandatorily provided as these have all been enumerated in the Motor Vehicles Act ,according to the petitioner.these are safety norms .It demands stricter registration and certification norms for bikes.Deaths of four motorcyclists in Navi Mumbai on January 1 , 2008 prompted the filing of this petition. All bikers were driving Bajaj bikes.

It is not known what safety these hand grips etc will provide if the bikers and other road users are so callous. Its only providence that 24390 bikers were not killed in 2005! The way many of them drive Zoomin or is it Dhooomin  past everything ( cars, trucks etc not excluded) such safety devices are only for static display and have only a minimal role to play.

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Ya the GRab Rails just S***ks on the P200smiley7.gifsmiley19.gifsmiley19.gif

When i went for the test Drive while coming  back tht guy Drove it and I wasnt able to catch the Grab Rails AT all!!!:((

IT just kept slipping...

Miracle i din fall!!!

Any idea as to whether anything can be done???

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