Need good People movers for Hotels

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Hello everyone.

I had recently built a Hotel in Faridabad. And Now, I want some good people movers. My budget is 12L for 1 car. Totally I need 8 cars. My priorities are - good FE, easy maintenance and good resale value

Please suggest

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Innovas rule the roost here.

Just up your budget a bit and get a bunch of those.

I am sure any dealer would be more than happy to work out something .Get anything over the E variant.

Next you could look at the far cheaper,less classy , Xylos, catch here is that any kind of corporate branding doesn't look good on those ugly betties

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If you want a sedan car in your budget range then it has to be New Honda City. You can have either of petrol or diesel fuel option depending upon your usage. Plus it has got everything like preimium exterior looks, premium interiors, decent boot space & upmarket reputation/feel.

However for transporting more people per trip a MPV can do the task well & for MPV undoubtedly its Innova, as it commands both respect as well as good re-sale value plus its ownership experience is also hassle free, specially as you're going to buy the new cars.

For MPV, Another cheaper option is Ashok Leyland Stile. Recently i've seen it ferriying corporate officials & they were seated in a pretty decent way & looked comfortable too for 7 passengers. For this car you even save at least Rs.3 lacs/car from your allocated budget.

As per me, your fleet of 8 cars has to be of different segment to cater clients of different needs & preferences.

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@PrancingHorse - I want 4-7 peoples per car. Means In sedans 4 and in MPVs 7. And yes it's for pickup and drop.

@Librankur - Thanks.

@DrNishu & LeoRahi - So what do you suggest. How many sedans & how many MPVs. i think 4 sedans and 4 MPVs will be perfect. What do you think.

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Split it to 4 sedans and 4 MUVs. Innovas rule the roost as far as MUVs go and for the sedans you could look at the new City since it has great legroom. On the other hand the Nissan Sunny is very spacious for the chauffeur driven.

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Innova is the roost when it comes to people mover in comfort. You can buy 5 Innova's , 1 Evalia (almost 3 lakhs off nowadays available at 7 on road) and 2 corolla (a bigger sedan is better than lower segment since the good boot space can be used easily and with new corolla coming you can bargain hard).

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It is true that Innova is the leader in MUV segment however, exploring other but reliable option would not harm either. I would suggest, you can take a look at Evalia (4 nos) and 2 Etios, 2 Sunny.

My reason for Evalia is that it is well proven MUV has better space management and comes very very low on price with almost 80% higher FE than Innova. Also, for dividing sedans in 2:2 version because not every customer in the hotel would want to take Sunny which is c+ segment car and hence as an owner you would charge higher rates than Etios which is B+ or C segment car.

Also, both of these sedans are very reliable and FE is on higher side.

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@DrNishu & LeoRahi - So what do you suggest. How many sedans & how many MPVs. i think 4 sedans and 4 MPVs will be perfect. What do you think.

Well thought decision.

It has to be 4:4(50% sedans & 50% MPVs).

Further it can be divided as 2 cars same of each segment than 4 same to same alone.

Amongst MPVs,

My take is for

-2 Toyota Innovas'.

-1 MUV/SUV from Mahindra(Xylo or XUV500 W4). I'm referring Mahindra as must vehicle because of their rugged nature & go anywhere(atleast sub-urban or sub-rural travels). It won't be a pain to drive Mahindra in any areas.

-1 has to be Light/soft bodied MPV like Ertiga or Ashok Leyland Stile.

Reason being they are fuel efficient, zippy, nimble & easily flickable for Intra-city travels where large MPV/MUV/SUVs are pain to drive.

Forget Nissan Evalia, as it doesn't have looks to

appeal to attract your clients as 'we want to go in this car' & is expensive to maintain due to its poor market response. Instead its cheaper Stile iteration looks good & is much cheaper to own & drive.

For sedans,

As per sticking to your budget, i suggest;

-2 has to be Honda City Diesel(coming soon). Variants choose as per you needs & budget.

-Now either 2 has to be Toyota Corolla Altis or 1:1 Corolla:Etios each.

But now question here arises that Altis will overshoot you bills in initial cost as well as well as monthly expenditure for petrol costs, whereas Etios lack the flair which you need to run your new hotel & convince owners for luxury sedan class travel.

Here you can choose any Out of Nissan Sunny or Skoda Rapid or VW Vento.

Or you can wait few months for Maruti's upcoming new sedan, if you wish to.

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@VSD, as mentioned by many, i think you can go for 4 sedans and 4 MUVs.

In MUVs i would suggest 4 Innovas, though expensive but it's very low on maintenance and high on resale value.

Xylo is VFM but given Mahindra's not so reputed A.S.S and not too great resale value, I will not recommend it.

In sedans, as mentioned by rssh, you can choose 2 diesel Corollas. You might get very good deal since new Corolla is about to be launched next year.

Though new Honda City diesel will also be a good choice but there won't be any discount on it initially. Also it has 6 months/10k service period which is lower than competition (normally 1 yr/10k).

Rest 2 sedans can be either Etios/Sunny/Verito.

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i think 4 MUVs and 4 sedans is fine.

For MUVs - 4 innovas. They are the rulers among the people movers. But if not 4 the 3:1 is fine. 3 innovas and 1 - Ertiga. Not suggesting the stile because of marutis maintainance is better. And it has great road presence.

And for SEDAN - 2:2. 2 Corrola altis and 2 Sunny. Altis will be perfect and sunny has very good space.

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VSD, first of all, congratulations for the new hotel!! I hope that you beat all your competitors!!

Well as Sstar, Dr.Nishu, Sachins & LeoRahi have already mentioned 4 MPV's & 4 Sedans is the best combination for you.

With high reliability, low maintainance, good fuel economy, comfort & high resale value the Toyota Innovas totally rules the MPV segment, so there is no second thought about that.

Coming to the 4 sedans, most of my friends above have suggested you to opt for 2 C-Segment sedans (which consists of cars like Indigo/ Etios/ Rapid/ Scala/ Sunny/ Vento etc.) and 2 D-Segment sedans (consisting of cars such as Altis/ Cruze/ Jetta/ Laura etc.). I completely agree with them.

My only opinion/ suggestion being that, the 2 C-Segment sedans should be the Toyota Etios and 2 D-Segment sedans should be the Toyota Corolla Altis. All diesel engines.

How this will help you is:

- You will have an 'All-Toyota' fleet. This means you won't have cars from ten different manufacturers. You will have to deal with just one showroom dealer (at the time of purchase) and one service centre (at the time of servicing). Hence fleet management will become much easier.

Say for example, you chose 2 Toyota Innovas, 2 Mahindra Xylos, 2 Honda Citys & 2 Nissan Sunnys the combination will be very good, but you will have to deal with 4 different manufacturers/ dealers at the time of purchase and 4 different service centres while servicing your vehicles.

With an 'All Toyota' fleet, you will have more time to focus on your core business rather than wasting your time on fleet management (co-ordinating with 4 different dealers and service centre executives)!

- If/ When you buy 8 vehicles from one dealer it is needless to say that you will be offered a huge discount on the whole purchase. That might not be the case if you but 2 cars from 4 different manufacturers/ dealers.

Discounts might be offered by 4 different manufacturers/ dealers too, but the benifit of buying from one dealer would surely overshadow it!

- After going through with the initial free services offered by the dealer, if you choose to continue getting your car serviced at the same authorized service centre, you might be considered as one of their esteemed customers. And then, if you opt for an AMC (Annual Maintainance Contract), you can demand for a discount/ reduction in charges as all your 8 vehicles would be going to the same service centre.

You could also do this if you have a fleet consisting of vehicles from various manufacturers, just the difference being that, instead of continuing at the authorized service centre you will have to opt for a reputed local garage, that would take care of your whole fleet and also offer discounts on servicing and other charges!

Well.. Thats all i had to say!!!

Let us know about your final decision and if possible, do post a pic of the whole fleet in front of your hotel!!

I am sure all of us would be really very excited to see that!!

Good luck!!

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Are we jumping the gun in suggesting ?

Who are the target customers ? Tourists or Business clients ?

One-off hirers or regular monthly customers ?

What are the needs of these tourists who go/come to Faridabad ?

What are their movement-profiles ?

Any night halts in far off places ?

Do they carry any luggage, all along ?

What shall be the size of each group ?

How long/far these vehicles are likely to be used normally by these groups ?

Which are the best service providers in Faridabad ?

What type of on-road assistance available on a priority basis for tourist operators ?

Parameters such as above, will and should decide what type and how many cars/vehicles

are needed.

I have been an extensive traveller (32 years of business travelling and yearly thrice family

outings and pilgrimages in almost all parts of India). And, we specifically ask for a specific

type of vehicle whenever we hire.

Hiring a small vehicle when one needs big is as irksome as hiring a big vehicle when only

one or two persons are travelling with hardly any luggage.

Last month, we (7 of us) went to Indore/Ujjain/Omkareswar/Maheswaram for one week. We hired

two Tata Indica XLs. Specifically asked for them, as a couple of aged persons are travelling with

us. We were told specially by out hotel travel desk that Tata service is the best in Indore and almost

all taxis thereat are Tata vehicles. I did not first believe them. But, in the next one week, I found that

almost all locally registered taxis are Tata vehicles.

The main reason : The business requirement thereat is simple. In most cases, One family hires a car

for 2 days usually. One day for Ujjain and one day for Omkareswar. These trips are over in less than

5 to 6 hours or so. Most of the time spent in temples. And, not on the road. Excellent roads. No night

halts, no long drives. And, no luggages to carry around all along. So you hardly find any taxis with

luggage carriers.

This is only to illustrate, with my own immediate-recent experience, that unless the above indicated

parameters are taken into account, the choice of vehicles should NOT be finalised.

All the best dear VSD.

I strongly suggest you STUDY your requirement and SPEND WISELY.

Edited by rameshbabu.n

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