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hello everyone,

Yesterday when I cranked my car with the headlights ON I got a feeling that the battery is about to die.

I am sure the battery has already lived its life as my Altis is not 4.5 yrs old. However, I have not got it checked by a professional as yet.

I already considered buying a new battery w/o being sure if this is dead, since I have found about various options available in the market I thought of sharing it with you.

The options available for 45Ah batteries (after exchange and discount) were as follows:

1) Exide 6700 (Warranty 30+30 Months)

2) Amaron 5950 (Warranty 30+30 Months)

3) Bosch 6100 (Warranty 30+30 Months)

other options were Ac Delco, Tata Green, SF, Okaya, Base Terminal

Can anyone advise which is better considering that i wont be keeping the car for more than 3 Yrs .


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