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As I had posted earlier regarding my bad experience with Renault. Now since I'm no longer interested in buying Duster from that dealer or anywhere else, I now want to know how to cancel the booking and how much will I be refunded and in what time bracket as the salesman has quoted that there will be a 30% reduction which turns out to be around 15,000 as I had booked the car for 50,000 and I feel that's too much of a penalty just for cancellation of a booking. Please reply as I don't know about it.

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You have little choice now.

Now that you have decided not to buy their car, it would be

better for you to take whatever best is offered to you to exit from

the commitment you made.

These finer details of the commitment should have been looked into

BEFORE paying up and booking a car, than realising that you lose

close to 30% and start repenting now.

Speak to a couple of other dealers (of the same car company) and

ascertain the amount one would lose in such cancellations. You may

also explore if there is any provision for transferring the booking to

any other person. If such a thing exists, then you can reduce your

loss. If not, you have very little choice.

When I booked my Xylo in Jan 2008 in Chennai and later cancelled

it, I got my full amount of 15K. Nothing was deducted. As I had

rebooked for another Xylo in Hyderabad (so that I need not pay for

any inter-state taxation while registering the vehicle bought in TN

getting it registered in AP). However, the dealers are two different

entities and are not related or connected.

So, Explore.

Read and then Decide.

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I never though that there was a 30% penalty for cancellation of any vehicle ever. I think most manufacturer charge only 5k for cancellation and 51 k for booking amount, read booking slip if you were provided one.

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30% for booking cancellation is way too high. Do check for all the original documents at the time of signing up for the booking. It would also contain conditions relating to the cancellation of booking and how much would get deducted in case you decide to go for the same. Insist on them showing all the original documents bearing your signatures. This is absolutely horrendous and sheer extortion on part of the dealer. Do not mind taking the legal route in case they do not agree on returning at least 90% of the booking amount. The consumer forum would definitely favour you in such a case but a lot depends on what you originally signed up for. Also, in case the sales representative did not specifically mention such high booking cancellation charges, this calls for concealing basic material facts relating to the purchase agreement and amounts to an unfair trade practice. Always remember, it is your right as a buyer to be informed about all such information, conditions and warranties relating to the product as per the Consumer Protection Act (COPRA), 1986. The same act also gives you the right to seek redressal against any such unfair trade practice and illegal exploitation. Always remember to read through all the documents in detail before you put your signatures on anything in future. Education is meaningless unless we put it to practice. Wish you all the best buddy and may you get back 100% of the amount. Cheers!

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