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Honda Civic Hybrid 2008 CVT

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I am looking to buy a Honda Civic Hybrid CVT 2008 done about 60K Kms. From the outside the car looks to be in good condition. The owner says it is giving about 17Kms with AC in the city.

Please advise what are fine points that one should consider before buying this car ?

Also, I would like to know if buying a Honda car expensive to maintain ?



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I have never heard or ever come across a Civic giving a mileage of 17kmpl and that too in city conditions. Although a delight to drive, the Civic's petrol engine is anything else but frugal. My cousin owns a purple colour Civic V MT which returns a healthy 7-9kmpl (pun intended) in Delhi traffic conditions. I have personally observed its digital fuel gauge drop by a point or two as soon as you push the pedal to the metal on the normal petrol version. The same recovers though as and when you return to driving the car normally.

I am not sure of the mileage for a Civic Hybrid CVT as I have never driven the same. What I know is that it uses a different and less powerful petrol motor than the normal Civic which might help the cause of better mileage. Thoughts are welcome from fellow members with an experience of driving a Civic Hybrid in this regard.

Some of the points that you should keep in mind with the Civic Hybrid are as follows:

  1. Since the vehicle is over 5 years old and has clocked over 60k kilometres, the batteries powering the hybrid system would need replacement. Check if the current owner has already got them replaced and if not, how much would be the cost of replacing the same from a Honda dealer. Of what I have heard, the cost of the batteries is pretty high and this price of replacing the old batteries should be a good bargaining point.
  2. Suspension seems to be a weak spot of the car and you should get the same checked by a Honda authorised dealer. Take the car on a rough patch of road and drive it at speeds ranging from 5-40kmph to notice any unusual sound from the suspension. The suspension overhaul on a Civic is a costly affair.
  3. Also check for any unusual sounds from the steering column and get the camber checked for any damage to the steering section.
  4. Get all the electricals checked by an authorized electrician especially so because this one is a hybrid.
  5. Get the underbody of the car checked for any signs of damage like rust and botches at wrong places.
  6. Check the exteriors under broad sunlight for any colour mismatches especially around the pillars. Would suggest that you remove a small section of the rubber gasket beading to check for signs of damages.

An easy way of getting all of the above (plus more) done is to take it to a Honda dealer to get the car inspected thoroughly and request for a price quote.

The car though is a joy to drive and I myself am a great fan of the Civic, especially its futuristic and comfortable interiors. A good condition Civic would always manage to bring a smile to your face. Happy Buying!

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Since its a hybrid then all I can say is that you check electricals and even an increase in wattage of headlamps must have caused pre-mature wear on battery. The petrol engine is 1.3lt 90bhp unit with 20bhp worth of battery power. Also Honda has 10 year warrenty on the battery which you may require to replace (costing around 4 lakhs or less) with in 8-9 years depending on wear level.

Don't buy car if it has not been serviced at service centre ? Also check engine mount and ball joint for wear because these are expensive and most common problem in civic.

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