SCOOP ! Mahindra Verito Automatic Electric spotted in India

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As per Motorbeam article: Mahindra had showcased the Verito Electric at the 2012 Auto Expo. The company announced in April 2013 that the Verito Electric would go on sale within a year’s time. The vehicle was all set for a launch in this fiscal year and now for the very first time, the car has been spotted on test. Yes, Mahindra is likely to launch the Verito Electric at the upcoming 2014 Auto Expo. The test car features white tape to hide the badges but Automatic and Electric stickers can be seen on the boot. Since this is an all electric vehicle, there is no exhaust on the car.

The Mahindra Verito Electric will get a ‘Powered By Reva’ badge on the right front fender. The car is powered by a 29 kW (39 BHP) AC motor which gives it 100 kms of range. A full charge takes 6 hours while a quick charge gets done in just 1.5 hours. The top speed of the electric Verito is 86 km/hr and there is no noise or emissions from this eco-friendly powertrain. The electric motor in the Verito Electric is more powerful than the one found on the e2o as the former is a heavier car. The e2o uses a 19 kW motor which gives it a 100 kms range, just like the Verito electric.

post-67-0-98754700-1390850147.jpg(Source: Motorbeam.com)

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Yes , a proper looking , full fledged vehicle, is sure to create ripples.

Now, the only thing to talk is the prices, if an E2O costs 8L which after subsidy is around 5-6 L this one would be surely over 10L and after subsidy around 8L or so.

Thats a serious price to pay.

After E2O failed to create a real change in the landscape , Mahindra had vouched not to introduce an electric vehicle again unless the subsidy issue was clearly attended to by the Goverment .

Wonder what has changed since for them to show the green light to this vehicle

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