Mumbai Monorail. Is it the solution to traffic woes in the city


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A long delayed project, the Mumbai Monorail is said to start operations tomorrow. Im hoping that this will ease traffic substantially. Also read that a bunch of youngsters have been hired to drive these trains which is a good thing.

Would love to know fellow member's opinion on this new project. Will this be the future of public transport? I have used the Metro in Delhi and found it to be really awesome

ACI did a test of thr Monorail too and here is the Linky: ACI Mumbai Monorail test


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Is it the solution to the city's traffic problems??

I don't think so!!!

It might prove to be a temporary relief.. For 2 years or so.. But coz of the alarming rate at which the city's population is increasing, I don't think it'll help much.

But a bit convenient never the less.

As the compartments are small.. It wont carry as many people as a local train.. That's why it needs to have very high frequency.. So that people seriously start considering it as an alternative to personal transport!

Also for now it connects the east and the west..

Connectivity between north and south has to be improved.. Maybe with the help of Hovercrafts and a Coastal Road!!

It'll take off a lot of traffic that the Western Express Highway currently handles!!

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phase II of this projects has to go till Navi-Mumbai. This project was to decongest the Sion-Trombay road and not entire city. Upto Jacob circle from chembur, the ticket cost will be less than Rs. 30. Efficient and cheaper than the Metro.

I hope they expand this more and cover some western parts such as Bandra too

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