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TVS Motors launches seven products in one go!!!

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hey guys, read this stunning news!!....



TVS Motors, the countrys third largest two-wheeler manufacturer, launched seven products here Thursday in a first-of-its-kind rollout in the Indian automobile industry.

The seven products include a completely new 125 cc motorcycle FLAME, an all new 110 cc StaR City, an Apache variant with fuel injection technology and the electric variant of a Scooty.

The other three products were the petrol, CNG and LPG version of a three-wheeler passenger vehicle that will compete with the Bajaj group, the only player in that segment.

This is the first step to make the announcement of TVS as a young Indian multinational company. We have done significant amount of hard work in the last three years and now 2007 will mark the emergence of new TVS, said Venu Srinivasan, chairman and managing director of TVS Motors.

He added that the simultaneous rollouts are a tribute to the engineering skill of the research and development wing of TVS, making it the first two-wheeler company to make multiple rollouts in a single day.

He said the production of all newly launched vehicles will start in October and they will hit the road by November.

Each new rollout signals avowed intent on the part of TVS to regain market share and momentum within the industry. The new offerings are targeted at different segments of the two- and three-wheeler customers with emphasis on superior technology, styling and engine capabilities, said Srinivasan.

In its bid to make more environment-friendly vehicle, TVS also announced the launch of its new CCVTi (controlled combustion variable timing intelligent) engine, which will be integrated in the newly launched 125cc FLAME.

The CCVTi engine not only reduces the carbon dioxide but also cuts down carbon monoxide production by 70 percent. The Indian auto industry has to make its best effort to make a green revolution, said Srinivasan.

The new StaR City comes in a 110 cc platform while the Apache RTR is mated with electronic fuel injection and has a greener technology.




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Surprises GALORE!!!
now heres the news...the flame has a 3 valve engine developed wid colloboration of AVL,Austria(remember Victor)!! ...also accordin 2 the news the FI system in the RTR has boosted the peak power of the bike!! expect increase in power!! icon_eek.gif






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TVS FLAME,125cc, CC-VTi,3valve(two intake n 1 exhaust) developed  in collaboration wid AVL,Austria!!...the bike luks smashin!!smiley17.gif



TVS Star 110, CVti engine wid swirl induction!!smiley3.gif



...also the RTR Fi is supposed to churn out 0.5 bhp wid a top whack of 121kmph....n also in this months overdrive TVS has hinted towards a monoshock bike!!smiley32.gif

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