Mahindra XUV 500


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Dear New-Comer ak.cars98,

Before making such sweeping comments, can we know whether you own that vehicle ?

And if so, try to give a briefing about your self, your experience with that vehicle and

then the problem(s) if any.

Only then, it will add any credibility to what you say. Moreover, try to read the rules and

regulations stipulated for a new-comer. And, be a good forum member. OK ?

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Dear AK! I am pretty sure you don't own or have driven an XUV, else you wouldn't have passed such a scathing comment. To answer your queries, the XUV has a pretty heavy duty suspension setup which is tuned slightly towards the softer side for better in-city comfort. Secondly, if you find an almost 2500kg vehicle to be light, you must probably be driving a road-roller to work. Jokes apart, a heavy chassis is not necessarily a good chassis else 118NE would have garnered a huge fan-following. It has to be stiff and lightweight to provide for maximum performance.

I think M&M did a fantastic job at developing and producing a world class product right here in India and we as Indians should be proud of the effort. Like any new product, the XUV had some shortcomings but the same have been taken care of to a large extent in the latter production batches.

We all here at the forum would also like to know more about yourself and the rides that you currently own or have owned in the past.

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@ AK

You find XUV light than its counterparts is because it weights around 1800 kg, because of its monocoque body construction and not ladder on frame. This type of construction have its positives and negatives, its light and cheaper to construct but not a sterdy off-roader but in reality handfull of people really go extreme off-roading anyways.

Suspensions decent and well suited for indian road conditions.

XUV is a brilliant effort to make a softroader, which makes more economic sense for the company too. Down the line, all we can expect is materials and cosmetic upgrade which will make the car even more desirable.

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