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Go Karts anyone?

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I am wondering why people don't drive go karts type automobiles... I mean they fun to drive. A 10 year old can drive one. Light weight so decent-good fuel economy. Better safety standards than scooters and motorcycles. Gets you from point A to B hassle free. Easy maintainance (Of course, here are hardly any parts to maintain). Available for as little as $250. High end ones that seat two with like 300cc engine and roll cage still cost less than an Activa. Lightweight and not-so-high speeds so IF I try to run over someone, won't break a bone.

So my questions are:

1. Is it legal to own one and drive on public roads. If not, WHY!? I am guessing if autorickshaws are legal, go karts should be too. 

2. People dont drive em because image problem?

3. Will they be good for city driving? Why not? (I have driven en only on purpose built tracks)

Anyone owns one? Ownership experience please.


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