Automated Manual Transmission - Stepping into the future

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Automated Manual Transmission or AMT looks like the flavor of the season. No sooner MSIL launches Celerio, almost every Indian manufacturer had one concept/ product ready with them. AMT isn't particularly new technology, it's clever on part of MSIL, to spot a opportunity. What Maruti Suzuki has done with Celerio, is set the stage for the struggling automatic segment in India.

I consider Celerio as a very important product in the Indian automobile industry, simply because of the AMT technology.

AMT can be considered as the first step into Automatic territory. Its ease of use may tempt people to go full automatics. With the rising congestion, its a boon for urban environment. Plus it's ideal for long straight highways that we have nowadays. I expect fine tuning of AMT, advancement in the technology, since it is economical than conventional ones.

Just look at the 2 wheeler industry and one can understand how big the automatic market is. People just swear by the ease of use.

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Untill last year end practically no one knew about AMT, early 2014 every manufacturer is making a bee line to jave atleast one product in its portfolio with an AMT

Heard only Maruti is using the latest iteration of the AMT devices

Tata Motors and Mahindra are set to introduce their vehicles with AMT that are a generation older , which means they will have to work harder on these devices to mate with their engines.

Also in the older generation AMTs the gear changes can be clearly felt and are not that smooth.

Tata Motors NANO is next to be seen in the AMT version.

Mahindra on its part is developing Quanto with an AMT.

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The AMT employed in Maruti Suzuki Celerio is designed by Magneti Marelli. A subsidiary of Fiat Group.

The reason, as Mr. I V Rao, Managing Executive Officer at Maruti and the brain behind the Celerio, says that the Magneti Marelli system is an excellent balance between efficiency and cost, a formula that is tailor made for the Indian market.

Magneti Marelli is an Italian company which deals with development and manufacturing of systems, modules and high-technology components for the automotive industry.

In India, Magneti Marelli's presence can be seen in many cars, even those which are more than a decade older. ECUs and ABS/EBD/ESP systems are some of the common products of Magneti Marelli seen in Indian Cars.

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