Advice on a new sedan, budget max of 11 lakhs.

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Hi people,

Im planning to upgrade from a Spark(2009). My budget is around the 10 - 11 lakhs.

Im looking at performance and handling.

Going to be for personal use, mostly for me alone.

I would prefer a sportly drive and dynamic handling more than ride and comfort.

Any suggestions or advice ? I dont mind any fuel choice, P or D.

I was waiting for the new fiat linea and the fiesta.

I find both very good.

what else can i look for ?

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The new fiat linea is now available for booking I believe and since you've mentioned performance and handling, it has to be TJet all the way! Opt for the highest trim line , comes with all bells and whistles :)

I have done about 35k+ kms now on my TJet and it is an absolute stunner..

Otherwise you could stretch a lac or so more and opt for Octavia 1.4 TSI.

Happy shopping.

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I will not recommend VERNA at all. It is a soft suspension car, not sure about suspension tune ups. Rather I would suggest that in this segment Linea T-Jet is best suitable for you. Also, look at your daily run. As you have not mentioned specifically so I am not sure how much do you drive in a day. If it is 80+ KM per day, then I would suggest to wait for couple of months as Fiat may launch 1.6 MJD in Linea and would be a perfect performance and handling car.

If you can not wait and your need justifies a diesel...then look at Rapid..only problem with it is the SKODA A.S.S. however, I always believe it is up to dealer to dealer. And some good dealer of bad known car company may be service as good as good dealer of good known car companies. So do check this out.

Else only one car which is a diesel and fulfills performance needs...and that is Cruze. But for that...you need to seriously strech your budget. Even the new Octavia diesel will cost you 18 Lac+.

So if need petrol...go for Linea T-Jet or wait for 1.6 MJD Linea or Rapid (after A.S.S. issues) orr strech a bit for Cruze which will come around 15Lac at least.

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Im eagerly looking forward to the new linea. The dealer in pune asked me come back on friday for a TD and details.


I drove the new hyundai verna, they have really revised the suspension, but it still doesnt work for me. still not as enthu as the linea or the fiesta.


Im going to be doing about 3000kms a month. daily usage wont be much, but almost every week will have a road travel log. I can wait up till april end not more, but as i said before im pretty cool with petrol too. expensive and fuel cost is not considered.

I agree on the ASS and dealer thing of Skoda, but again im confused between the vento and linea.

Im trying to stretch a bit, but wont be able to cross 12-12.5.

Currently im waiting for the dealer of Fiat, and tomorrow im going to VW and Chevy.

Any views on the Fiesta ?

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Hey folks,

Sorry for the delay in response.

Ran into some financial problems so couldnt buy the fiat in march.

After all getting sorted now, im looking at something in the same proce range.

Im again confused between -

  • Fiat Linea
  • Ford Fiesta
  • VW Polo GT TSI/TDI
  • Honda City(CVT) - Only for convience of the Auto box.

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In my opinion if you are riding 3000 km per month ie around 100 km per day, you should go for diesel cars, even in case you can claim the fuel bills( difference of rupees around 2000 per month). comparing Vento and Linea Diesel; Vento gives more performance and linea more economical. Handling of both are similar. But ground clearance of Linea is ver good. Compare the specs. Buy whatcar magazine may 2014 it has given a very good comparision of all models of passener cars. This will help you a lot

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Please don't buy the Polo now since an update is already being in road test phase and @ 9.5 lakhs on road it is not worth IMO going for it.

Out of the above option the Fiesta has the best ride and handling dynamics and linea come behind close. If you want petrol only then get the Tjet itself since the turbo petrol is addictive . If going for the diesel the fiesta in the new price point is a good alternative.

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Looking at the prices of the re-launched Ford Fiesta (only in Diesel though), I am now tilted towards it's favour.

It has the best ride and handling in the segment and performance is also not too bad either.

It's the best VFM sedan now in C2 segment.

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this latest comparo might help


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thank mate. will go thorough the mag.


Thats the reason i dint go for the TD also.


Thanks for the comparasion link. Fiesta it is for me.

Update on the TD and Showroom visit -

Went to Planet Ford, Bibewadi, Pune today. Called in the morning was told a TD car is at the showroom as avaliable, no details asked and no info given.

Went to showroom in the afternoon, there was just a car on display which looked amazing. TD car wasnt avaliable at the showroom and the sales person wasnt even shwoing any remorse of telling me its there. Anyway, neither did he know about the car. Was shown the servicing area and shit instead.

In the mean while he sent me to another showroom of planet ford, a good 15 kms away to take a TD, where too the car wasnt avaliable.

I somehow arranged a TD with a different dealer who also was least interested in selling the fiesta.

Loved the car, handles well, engine is great, features even better.

But should i trust them to give me proper service, seeing what they all did today ?

how will the ASS be if the pre-sales pitch is more like "buy if you want, i give a damn"


@sachins @Sstar

Fiesta is my choice too.

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Ford's A.S.S is nothing to write home about.

Yes, they are not as bad as VW group companies but don't expect Maruti/Hyundai/Toyota level service.

If you like the product, then better to go ahead with it and get your hands on it asap.

I have a feeling that Ford will soon jack up the prices of Fiesta (same as they did with EcoSport).

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