Help me to decide Polo Trendline Vs i20 Era petrol

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I am in dilemma to choose a car between Polo Trendline and i20 Era petrol version. Seeing the price (4.8L approx in Bangalore) and style i20 looks more tempting. Other hand seat hight adjustable, tilt steering and newly added dual airbag in Polo looks really worth it to pay 5.2L for the basic model, considering drive and built quality. Having said that, I am going to own a car for the first time and looking forward to hear some neutral comment and suggestions from experts which will help me to choose one from these two car.

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Safety must have the first priority before select a car. Rest are the essential like good ride quality, after sale an service, service cost and last but not the least fuel efficiency of the car.

I had test drive for Polo and was quite impressed and same time had back seat passenger for I20 petrol and was not lesser than any big car.

Now days buying car is very much personal choice and preferences as far as my concern Safety the most important criteria after that running and maintenance cost in totality.

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i20 will give you more space otherwise the Polo is better wrt build quality but the 1.2 on Polo is unrefined and the one on i20 is underpowered for i20. Try Grand i10 the kappa engine is suited better to that car and it offers almost same space as Polo.

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Agree with rssh

The new Grand i10 would be a good choice. Even you can get a diesel version. The CRDI Magna fits rightly in your budget.

Take a TD before you take any decision.

PS: Welcome to the forums :) Have a great time

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You can compare both cars by following points:


-Great space, enough for 5 people

-Great value for money

-Great ASS, cheaper than VW

-Enough boot space for short trips

-Underpowered petrol engine

-Fit n finish not at par with VW


-Built, fit n finish at par with international standards

-Less leg room, only for 4 passengers

-less boot space

-engine still underpowered but not as refined as i20

-more safer than i20, built wise and feature wise

-people I know having polo not happy with ASS, it has frequency of service after every 15000kms and average bill amount comes out to be 15000-2000


If you have running of 500-1000kms per month then only go for Polo or else go for i20.

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