Alloys for Ford Fiesta 1.4 Sxi

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 I intend to purchase the Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI Sxi finally after much thought and advise. I have considered this over the Ford Fusion, because of the fantastic ride and handling and economy. I have gone for the Sxi, because of the ABS and EBD.

Standard wheel size for Ford Fiesta cars are 14".I was thinking of fixing Alloys for it, these are some querries I need answers, please help:


1. What company would you recommend? Neo, Lenso, Aura or any other?

2. I was told by the dealer to upsize to 15", would you recommend it, considering the car is fitted with ABS, will it cause the braking system to malfunction in an emergency?

3. Also, if I fit the 15", will it improve or reduce the handling, fuel economy?

4. On this topic, please recommend me good tyres - size and brand if I go for 15" alloys?


Thanks so much

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Well ask the dealer the ford's alloy wheel it looks good on it and I think its std on SXi Its the top end right .Going for 15" will make good handling but compromise comfort so you can go for AURA one

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1) An Indian brand is always preferable as any issue can be solved easily. So try Neo, Aura, Traxx (I am not sure if they are still available). If you do not mind buying imported, you can try Lenso, Prestige, HR. I have Lenso's on my car. They have authorised seller's in India.


2) Upsizing to 15" wont make any difference to the ABS. I upsized too, from 14" to 15".


3) 15" Will improve handling and looks at the expense of comfort. Its up to you to decide. FE will take a hit marginally only if you increase the width of the tyre, which inevitably you will! But its only marginal.


4) Yokohama, Bridgestone, Michelin, Dunlop (Unofficial) depending on what you want from your tyre.

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Thanks for your detailed answers. I appreciate it.


What is the car you use that you have lenso alloys on?


Also, The Ford dealer in Goa says the Ford Fiesta Sxi does come with factory fitted alloys for their diesel top end versions. Hence I am going for alloys.

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