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Auto World Vintage Car Museum, Ahmedabad

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Hello All :)

I recently visited the Auto world Vintage car museum in Dastan Villa - Kathwada - Ahmedabad, A very large collection of classic cars owned by Pranlal Bhogilal. It is one of the best places, a car lover should visit. There are cars from Bentleys and Rolls Royce to Americans like Lincoln and Packards..The person there guiding us say that there are 105 cars, may be more than that . The timings are from 10 am to 9:30 pm on all days. There is a nominal fees of Rs. 50 per person and Camera fees of Rs. 100..You can also take a ride on a car, I forgot the name but it takes Rs. 500 for 4 Persons. We are more than 10 person there so, didn't took a ride , though I wanted to take it but there was not so much time as it was getting darker and we have to get back to Ahmedabad, as this place was outside the city about 30kms . I suggest every car lover should visit this place once in a lifetime.

Now time for some pics Not a very good photographer :P

Lincoln (1972), USA :wub:


Lagonda V12 (1940), England


Ford A (1931), USA


Plymouth (1954), USA


Chevrolet (1929), USA, Ex IDAR car


Rolls Royce Phantom III (1937), England, the red name on the Signboard is the name of early owners or places


So much more to come :) Will update soon

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Wow! Those are some awesome stuff Leo . the first one i.e; Lincoln is just awesome

Please update soon, just cant wait for it.

Thanks a lot for sharing :)

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The second set of pics are not appearing to some users, posting them again, with some others


Hope this pics are appearing

More coming :)

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I can imagine how excited you were when you saw these vintage beaties. The car looks in pristine condition and I hope I will visit this place soon. :-)

Yep, I was so damn excited at that time, Even I wanted to took a Drive of the vehicles but couldn't because of the said(in first post)


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Hey Leo.. I visited this section for the very first time today!

Awesome pics man!! Now I'm just waiting to visit this place to take a look at these beauties.

Some cars are truly vintage... very well maintained.

I'm keen on a road trip to Gujarat.. too many people told me the roads are awesome. Now I sure do have a reason to plan one.

Can you guide me as to what all can be covered?

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Hey there Neeraj, yeah indeed a great place it is. The roads on the way are very well maintained too.

Here's a list of the most important places to visit -

Listing the ones I liked the most -

Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi Ashram). Very well maintained, all the memoirs of our very own Father of the Nation.

Kankaria Lake - Great atmosphere in the evening, rides, boating..a whole lot of fun.

And yes, Auto World. The very place this thread is about.

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