freakyskull selling Mahindra bullet proof defence kits for the Scorpio

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Online shopping website is selling Mahindra bullet proof kits for the Scorpio. Here are the details of the same:

  • Rs 75,000 is only a partial booking amount
  • Total Cost of Bullet Proof Kit : Rs. 12.66 lacs ; Balance Amount to be paid to the seller : Rs. 11.91 lacs
  • All Sides Bullet Proof Panels
  • Complete Set of Bullet Proof Glasses
  • Anti Explosion Material kit for Fuel Tank
  • Vehicle Tracking Device
  • Free Insurance for Bullet Proof Materials
  • Free Pickup and Door Delivery
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Fitment at Company Workshop Included in the Price
  • All Applicable Taxes Included
  • SUPC: SDL345650228

A couple of illustrations


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Good product for those chota mota netas who would like to

show off their bullet proof stuff to all those gullible


I personally feel that M&M could have charged more given

that these netas do have a lot of money (either their own

or someone else who can spend on their behalf).

I also would like to see this stuff on my vehicle, but, for

that I understand that I should be an upcoming neta first.

Given the current political scenario in Andhra Pradesh (or what

is going to be after carving out Telangana out of it), I may

become a neta overnight ONLY if I join Congress who is deadly

desperate to find people who can content on their tickets.

Almost all their MLAs and MPs have left Congress protesting the

way the state was bifurcated and sidelined all these netas.

For starters like me, Congress is the only starting point.

Join today and wait for 5 (or even 10 or 15) years before the

tide is going to be in their favour. Then, I stand a chance

to strike it rich. Then, I can buy this bullet proof stuff.

So, I am postponing my purchase and wait for 5/10/15... years.

Ha Ha Ha Ha ...

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@ rameshbabu

how did you come up with the NETA precondition.This would drive away a lot of strong men who are NETAs in their own right but are not affiliated to any political party.

The other thing is that i would have liked it to be a completely factory affair , with a new vehicle.

No Mention of tyre , engine compartment protection.

Looks like a very basic level of protection for a client with not so serious threat perception.

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This is a car forum and we should restrict it to that only! You have taken this topic from a car modification to a politics issue! And the biggest fault is by taking a name of political party (congress). There are many other public dealing professions in which you need to be secured and search on Google, you would find thousands of cases of attack on Scorpio itself! You are criticizing politics without which there would be nothing! There are many loyal Neta's but you are keeping them in the dark and only looking at the corrupt one's.

P.S. I hate Congress and BJP from my heart but still there is no need to discuss it here.

About the car, there is no info. on the car's overall weight. And as librankur said, this is just a basic protection. There should be engine tune up's for the increased weight, reducing the glass area i.e. by replacing the rear side windows with a thick sheet of metal etc. etc.

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Good to see an online site taking up on this. Will give a chance to a larger audience to fulfill their ambitions & aspirations of a safer travel! Not sure though but guess a licence or some permission needs to be taken from authorities concerned to convert to bullet proof vehicles.

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I could not see any mention of Tyres !!! Not sure whether they will use any Bullet resistant runflat system.

Ideally such armouring should come factory fitted with the vehicle, as the weight of the vehicle increases substantially. It is a complex job and would require testing, so wonder how would they assess the existing vehicle whether it can be armoured with this kit. How would the vehicle perform with substantial increase in weight . Generally on a vehicle of Scorpio's size, the additional weight of the Bulletproof kit would be somewhere in excess of 400 -500 KGs (very basic level of protection). Also the price for the kit charged is a bit low to be honest.

Considering all this aspects i would imagine this is just a very very basic level of Bulletproofing

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