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My 3 month old Ford Ecosport Tdci Titanium has problems in was towed in to the service centre in Kottayam 10 days back. It took 3 days to identify the problem. It is still in the device centre since the part in the engine- throttle body..has to come from the chennai plant.

Does anybody have similar problem with diesel Eco sport .

Ford dealer still not sure when the part will it true that the service provided by ford India is poor?


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Sir you can't say that service provided by Ford India is poor but yes it can be said that it's not that efficient or effective as of Marutis and Hyundai's. Eco Sport is a brand new product and the shortbacks of the product are still to arise as it takes time. But have faith in your product, both, the car and the manufacturer are trustworthy in Indian market. :)

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