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Maruti Suzuki - Autocar Young Driver contest

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Each year, Autocar India, in association with Maruti Suzuki, organises a contest to find India's safest driver. The 'Maruti Suzuki Autocar India Young Driver' contest is open to all Indian citizens between the ages of 18 and 30, provided they hold a valid driving license.

The 2013 edition received almost 50,000 entries in the very first stage. It was eventually won by Smruti Ranjan Das from Bhubaneshwar. Charvi Batra from Jaipur won in the women's category.

To further promote safe driving amongst the Indian youth, Autocar India initiated a 'Safety Saturday' campaign. A team from Autocar India visited various colleges in Mumbai and Pune and interacted with students to understand their views on road safety better.

Students spoke to the Autocar India team about common driving habits that irk them the most.

Here are a few video links of what the students said:



While driving on public roads, you often watch other drivers make a lot of wrong moves, such as cutting lanes or taking turns without using their indicators. We would like you to help us in our endeavour to create more awareness about road safety.

Tell us -

What common bad driving habit in India annoys you the most?

What steps should the concerned authorities take to improve road safety?

Although we can’t really enforce your suggestions, by talking about it, we can collectively help spread awareness and discourage bad driving habits.

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What common bad driving habit in India annoys you the most?

- the one thing that annoys the most is people jumping the red light during the time allotted for pedestrian crossing.

- Jumping the light when there are still ~10 secs to go.

- Honking the moment the light turns green when you are at least 50-100 mts in the queue.

- Stopping wherever you feel like... the guy sits in the car while the wife shops - may be convenient for the guy but creates hell of a traffic jam. Best part is - these guys are oblivious to their surroundings.

- Me first attitude at a junction - sometimes giving way to someone actually is a lot easier than maneuvering through gaps - saves a few dents on your car too! Someone tell the bikers to follow this too... there's a lot of money that the car owners have to spend for their stupid wiggly rides.

I'll add more as I come across.

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