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apache 180 black or white

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Hi all,

I want to buy apache 180 abs and I need some suggestions and info,

Which colour is better black or white?

do I really need ABS or normal disc brakes are fine?

Can someone post picturs of BLACK APACHE 180 ,so that I can have some idea

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TVS Apache is a great product esp. 180 CC. Thinking about having a 17bhp bike which can perform fast you should always go with ABS equipped brakes. Safety comes first. Giving a few more bucks for your safety is never costly!

So please opt for only ABS equipped.

Talking of color black or white, depends up on your personal choice. White works well rather in conditions like ours. Scratches dents etc. are less visible plus it does not fade away that much as that black does. :)

Buy any color.

Ride safe.

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Hi Torres

First of all, welcome to the forum

See, Everyone has different tastes, but I would prefer the black one, It looks better than whites, IMO

If you need more safety than go for the ABS one, I would prefer go for ABS one, there is a 10k difference between the ABS and non-ABS, If you are OK with your budget then go for it

Black one





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I agree with rssh here!!

Performance bikes should mandatorily have ABS!! And commuter bikes should offer it as an optional extra!!

It should be provided on all bikes, its a life saving technology.

Go for the ABS version, i am sure your life is worth more than Rs.10,000!

As for the colour, i like white more than black!! With the dark grey graphics on the bike, white offers a good contrast.

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