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Elections start from tomorrow and will be on till 16th may 2014. There are a lot of cautions to be taken and preparedness to go on a road trip these days. There are chances that your vehicle might be taken for election duty or might be subject to serious police checking. During cross state travel this even becomes more serious.

I started this thread to share experiences and suggestions of all our members on this 'to be prepared' issue.

It would be really informative if experienced travelers can share their experiences and advises to all the fellow members, so that travelling in elections become a breeze.

Thank you

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Few days back I had a trip from Bhubaneswar,Odisha to Vijaywada, AP. We went in our Fiat Punto and at Vijaywada we exchanged it with Fiat Linea. My brother drove the Linea from Bangalore. We returned back to Bhubaneswar with the Linea.

While going we faced serious road checking at three places @Andhra-Odisha border, 100 km after Visakhapatnam and at Vijaywada. While returning we faced checking at two places, one is near Rajahmundry and another at Srikakulam.

The police personnel checked the cars very thoroughly. They checked our bags, under floor mats etc. They asked us if we are carrying any major cash amount with us and other general questions.

Their advice was not to carry more than Rs 5000 as cash and preferable use of debit/credit cards for fueling up.

They were more strict towards SUVS.

Travel with caution.

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