Formula 1 Malaysia GP 2014 Pics

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I won last year's Autocar - Castrol GP predictor and was sent to Malaysia to watch the race at Sepang. :D

I was there only for the race day and was in Citrine grandstand pretty close to the track. Overall experience was really good.

Since the lane was a very fast one, I could only get some pics and most of them blurred. Check them out.


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I was getting late to the start. So, had to rush to my stand. Luckily my stand dint have ant seats assigned.

I could go to any place along the long stretch. through out the race I was moving to different places.

Since the stand was right next to the track, we could get pretty close view of the cars. But, since it was a fast late with DRS active, cars were zooming pretty fast.

Only way to take a picture is to zoom at the turn on the right side of the stand. Most of the the following pics are going to be that way.

Some action during initial laps



I tried to grab some pictures on the straight instead of the turns and this is how they turned up.




Look !! A Ferrari


I believe this is Hamilton - Not sure.


Hulkenberg and the Force India !


Another Ferrari


Some action at the end of the grid






I wish I could get a closer pic of this Williams Martini . I believe, this is the best looking car this season with those stripes.


If I start ranting about the sound this year, I don't think it will ever end. At first, it sounded like gokart with bigger engine. But then with all the action on the track, I forgot completely about the sound after a while.

I do have some videos which show how it sounds. Let me know if someone wants to hear it.

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Really sorry about the delay in posting. Have been busy whole week.


This is how it started ..

One whole block was dedicated for Mercedes cars and merchandise

F1 Village just before the entrance to the track.

Not sure why they are not coming up. Adding the pics again. Let me know if it shows up now!

Mecedes stalls

F1 Village

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