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Gearless scooter dilemma

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I want to buy a gear less scooter. Budget is about 60k. Will be used in Mumbai to get groceries from markets on weekends, running small errands.. you get the gist. Odometer wont cross 100km a month.


Honda Activa normal one/i/125 (And what all variants have they lunched?!)

Hero Maestro

Yamaha Alpha

TVS Jupitar

Now my problem is, they all seem exactly the same! All ~110cc (Except Activa125). Similar styling. Same tech specs. Basically same spartan features. Similar fuel economy. I really don't care about alloy wheels or disc breaks (and any similar stuff) if they don't improve ride or handling. And price difference between all is not more than 1k-1.5k

And after what time after booking would I receive delivery? (Asking because I've heard infamous 12 month waiting period in activas...)


Thanks :)

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