Should I buy Harley-Davidson Street 750?

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Hi guys,

I have saved around 5 lakhs of money and wanted to purchase Harley Davidson Street 750. I have some doubts regarding this.

  1. What will be the ownership costs (servicing, maintenance, etc.)?
  2. Is it worth buying this bike being a salaried professional (~12 lakhs annual income)?
  3. What are the other options (if any) that I can consider?

Any kind of inputs will be helpful!

Thanks in advance :)

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Well..overall HD is HD...I mean you will get fan of HD any part of the world. However, there are pros and cons of HD750.


  1. Cheapest HD till today
  2. Fun to ride both in city and on highway as it is not that big
  3. Full of power for long highway cruising


  1. Wiring issues - open wire here and there. Not much finish in this area
  2. Braking issues - seriously lags braking efficiency No ABS
  3. Platic quality of low grade
  4. HD traditional silencer note is missing - Po-Ta-To..Po-Ta-To.

If you really want a bike of this caliber...look for Triump - Bonneville. It has all that negatives covered but the onroad price would be litle over 7L depending upon city to city.

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Thanks Sstar for your inputs. Yeah I am aware of the various shortcomings in HD750. What I actually wanted was an opinion on the ownership costs, i.e. how much on an average will it cost to own a HD750 apart from the petrol costs?

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