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New set of tyres - advice please.

Hyundai Santro Xing 2004 - approx 41 K Kms - OEM Bridgestone.

2 tyres - very bad - cant run anymore;

1 tyre - bad - can run some more;

2 tyres - ok -can run lot more.

Bridgestone website recommends 155/70R13 75S (Model number) S322 (tube type).

Another option of same size, ratio etc with speed rating of H also recommended- Turanza ER60 (tubeless).

A third recommendation is 165/65R13 77T of the S322 family

Should I just change the two very bad ones and keep the bad one as spare or change all?

If I am changing all ( to tubeless or tube type) should I stick to the recommended size Bridgestone or is any other company or size recommended due to its ride comfort, road grip, safety, longevity, economy of purchase cost (in that order of priority - since my Santro has a bad rear seat ride quality)?

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Tube/tubeless does not matter.

I will change all given your picture.

I think 155/70R13 75 is OE and I would not bother about H rated.

I may consider 165/65R13. You will get better feel, better braking, slightly harder steering (no big deal since all Hyundai's power steerings are over assisted) , and a slightly higher consumption.

Take your choice.

sgiitk2008-04-03 05:01:13

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Go for 165/65R13 one it will give more grip and handling .Also do wheel balancing and alignment before doing this .Change all tyres and if some thing fancy change to alloys .REMEMBER tyres are the most important part of cars nature and handling and safety too .So don't compromise and a little higher price won't be so high .

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