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Basic 100 CC bike urgent requirement

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Dear Friends

I am need of a 100 CC bike very urgently for spare usage. The long term reliability is the only concern for me. I am not worried about the mileage, ride comfort etc.

Actually i am planning this bike for my native town where the number of kms the bike will clock is very low. Therefore i have least concerns about the mileage.

The most important concern what i have is the reliability. I am seeing from a long term precpective.., say for 15 years or so. Same time i would like to restrict my budget to the least possible limit.

The have zeroed on the following bikes. Kindly request you people to help me taking a good decision on the same.

Hero speldour+ - Tested and proven - 53.5K on road approx- However the same is out of my budget- Also hearing few complaints in terms of quality about Hero after Honda's separation. But its a bit hard to beleive because, Hero has not made any changes to the tried and tested engine which it was selling for decades. Really don't know what has gone wrong. Please comment.

Bajaj Platina- Apparently the cheapest bike. 44K on road is the cost. I am very pessimistic about Bajaj's reliability. Even if proven reliable, really don't know whether i would be getting spares down the line, say about 10 years. Please comment.

Mahindra Pantero- Seems to be interesting. Very reasonably priced. Just 43K on road. Mahindra self developed 106 CC engine seems to be a rising star. Really do not know the reliability and future state of the bike. Please comment.

Other suggestion are welcome. But i would like to strictly keep the budget within 45-48K. Max to max 50K.

Thanks in advance.

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I would avoid Mahindra if reliability is major concern just search Stallio on web.

I would go for Honda engine bike, the old CD Dawn is handsome and costed around 45k for drum spoke wheel variant.

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As a measure to counter increasing input costs & to increase margins manufacturers do follow such cost cutting exercises on their products.

Yes due to same reason, quality issues are there in some Hero bikes, specially Splendor & Xtreme and those started creeping even before their separation.

Its not only Honda or Hero, but even all manufacturers are doing this.

So don't expect same level of reliabilty today from Splendor or any other bike as it was a decade back.

Although expensive, but still i'd say Splendor is one of the most reliable & successful bikes around.

But if it's out of you budget then have a look at Hero HF Deluxe. It's almost same as splendor with similar features, etc at slightly lesser cost.

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I'll definitely recommend hf deluxe for your requirements it's reliable, easy on the pocket, really fuel efficient and availability of spare parts will not be a problem at anytime anywhere in the country.

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