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ACI Test Drive, review: Toyota Etios Cross

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The Toyota Etios Cross, first showcased by Toyota at Auto Expo 2014 earlier this year, is the Japanese carmaker’s attempt to cash in on India’s love for compact SUVs and crossovers.

Etios Cross is a regular Etios Liva hatchback beefed up with a rugged-looking body kit. The added body cladding imparts a serious aggressive look, and while it may look a bit over the top, it ensures that the Etios Cross doesn’t get lost in the crowd – something the Toyota Etios Liva was quite prone to.


The Etios Cross gets a matte black plastic band that goes right across from its chin, to the flanks and around the rear, thereby adding muscular chunks to the car. There are also pseudo skid plates with a dull silver finish adding to the complete picture.

Roof rails, a spoiler at the rear and diamond-finish 15-inch alloy wheels all add to the Etios Cross’ appeal. Additionally, the ‘Etios Cross’ badge is prominently displayed on the boot lid and looks rather good. All of these add to the dimensions of the Etios Liva and makes the Cross 120mm longer, 40mm wider and 45mm taller than the standard Liva. Weight, too, has gone up by around 20kg spec-to-spec.


On the inside, you get piano black interiors and sporty seat fabric and Etios Cross badging. It also features a 2-DIN audio system with aux, Bluetooth and USB compatibility. The top variants will also get audio controls on the steering wheel, and a rear defogger and wiper.

Unlike the VW Cross Polo which is offered in a single variant with a 1.2-litre diesel motor, the Etios Cross will be offered in two levels of trim and three engines to choose from; 1.2-litre and 1.5-litre petrol engines and a 1.4-litre diesel motor. The 1.5-litre petrol motor (available only on the top-spec car) produces 89bhp and concentrates more on city drivability rather than outright power. Throttle response at lower revs is good and the car feels reasonably peppy on the highway too. The 67bhp 1.4-litre diesel, on the other hand, feels more sedate and while turbo-lag isn’t much of an issue, you will miss the mid-range punch on the highways. Also, both the motors are a bit too noisy and cabin insulation doesn’t do the best job at keeping out road noise either.

However, the ride is pretty absorbent and the suspension does a great job of shielding the cabin from the worst of our roads. Handling is quite decent too and the chunky steering wheel is nicely weighted but a bit slow to respond.


The Toyota Etios Cross does a good job of injecting a much needed dose of style to the plain Liva hatchback.

The Toyota Etios Cross is expected to command a premium of about Rs 60,000 over the regular Liva hatchback (spec-to-spec) and we think the butch looks justify this price. Also, since the Etios Cross is expected to be about Rs 75,000 cheaper than the VW Cross Polo, it will act as a good entry point to consumers looking for a macho machine.

-Autocar India.

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In my opinion its just another edited old car. Do you remember the days when maruti used to launch a new model with just chrome handles and door kits , i mean nothing except like adding another spoon of sugar to your shake.

Since consumer has matured a bit , now theres another trend of these crossovers . Etios cross didn't appeal to me much . It gives rather a look of cheap plastic outside and more a toy like look. I tried to discover something macho in it but didnt really find it.

On my morning walks i often see a palio cross and an opel corsa cross and yet those are compatible with their shapes, looks more a natural design and not a exaggerated fitments. Maybe they didnt fair well because they were introductions before time .

This is also a problem with Indian market that anything introduced before time and late in market wont get a desirable response.

End of the day , lets see how it copes with the market conditions. Indian auto market is a place where you can find customer for every type of car. Thats why its written in school history books : Unity in Diversity.

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One noteworthy and unique feature is the not-perfectly-round steering wheel.

The flat-bottom steering wheel increases the space between the wheel and the

seat. Nice thought.

But, charging 60K to 70K extra for the body-kit is a bit too much. How much

would that plastic pieces cost ? By pricing it higher than a reasonable cost,

Toyota is living up to it's well known reputation of charging too much.

With this plastic surgery, will Etios sell ? Let us wait and see.

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Toyota Etios Cross is just the Liva in plastic disguise. The looks are aggressive and it may prove to be a serious competitor to VW Polo Cross. When manufacturers are going for crossovers, they should keep in mind to design and equip a true cross over with all the necessary characters intact. The car should be adventure inspired and should have the ability to surprise the owner with it's skills. What I find in the both Polo Cross and Etios Cross is that they are just marketing gimmicks. Now we are much more matured to understand what we are paying for, and what we are getting in return.

Waiting eagerly for Fiat Avventura.

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Toyota launches Etios Cross at Rs.5.76 lacs with 4 variants:

TKM launches Etios cross is 4-variants(2 Petrol & 2-diesel) today with base variant priced at Rs.5.76 lacs.

I'd say this is the best variant mix by Toyota with Etios series in India. With striking looks, sensible powerplants, intelligent variant packaging, sensible pricing(still i'd say) & considerable differentiation from Liva, this car seems to be having a great potential to be a seller & to revive sales within Etios brand for Toyota.

An excrept from source article,

Toyota kirloskar motors has launched the much discussed Toyota Etios Cross in India. The Toyota Etios Cross prices in India start at INR 5.76 lakh, ex showroom, Delhi and the new model goes on sale in two trim levels- G and V. While the petrol engine variants will be called G and V, the diesel engine equipped Etios Cross will be sold under ‘GD’ and ‘VD’ monikers.

oyota Etios Cross Prices are as follows-

Toyota Etios Cross G (1.2 petrol)- Rs 5.76 lakh

Toyota Etios Cross V (1.5 petrol) – Rs 7.35 lakh

Toyota Etios Cross GD- Rs 6.9 lakh

Toyota Etios Cross VD- Rs 7.40 lakh.


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I think u guys should visit the toyota showroom and check out the car.

actually i fell in love with this car when i saw it in AUTOEXPO 2014.

plastic cladding feels really durable and interior is amazing ! B)

piano black interior looks really good and diamond cut 15' alloys looks really really nice

and i test drove a diesel engine which was nice to drive in city

and was really really light . (loved the steering)

but the main disappointment with this car was the speedometer :(

and automatic adjust ORVM And push to start .

so i have booked the car on 1st july and will be getting it delivered around 14th august .

will update u with more info as soon as i get my hands on the car :wub:

any ideas about LIVA'S mileage ?

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@arham.ahmed1, congrats on booking your car !!

Regarding mileage, did you book a petrol (1.2 or 1.5 L) or diesel one?

My Etios (P) gives a mileage of around 14-15 kmpl in city and around 17-18 kmpl on highways (with A/C on 80% of time and with light right foot - avg speed of 70-80 kmph).

So Liva (if it's petrol) should give around same +1 kmpl.

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I find service charges to be quite nominal (compared to cars of other brands which I own).

10k service: around 1.3 k

20k service: 2.2 k

30k service: 2.6 k

Note: I had taken Toyota smile package during 20k service (costed 4.8k) including 20k and 30k service charges.

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