Brembo brake pads and brake discs now available for Indian cars

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I had seen a Brembo factory when I had visited Mercedes at Chakan and now I have come to know that Brembo brake pads and discs are now available in India for our cars . The official distributor is in Goa and the products can be ordered from them. Im placing an order for my Honda City and the cost is coming to Rs. 2700/- for the set inclusive of courier which I feel is awesome value Here is the link to their facebook page


They have stuff for all cars including all Hondas, Renault Duster etc. If you see their page they seem to be very friendly in giving prices and assistance.

Pics sourced from their FB page

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I have used brembo pads and discs for my Mercedes E350 bought from a official distributer of brembo brakes in Chennai named united motors.first he gave me a normal red series brake pad which didn't have efficiency car used to just go even for hard braking. later he gave me black pads which are premium itseems according to them, after installing those braking is better but shuddering started just in 700kms . facing many problems . finally I had very bad experience

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