Ownership Review: Ford Classic 2014 - Moondust Silver

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Hello All,

I had asked fellow members on the AAA forum when I decided to buy a new car.

I had already narrowed down to the Ford Classic, but wanted to understand the views of others on this decision. Had TD'd Linea too and to be honest, these were the only 2 cars I had shortlisted.

After a month long turmoil, I finally decided to go for the Ford Classic owing to too many factors.

I would like to thank the numerous friends who joined the discussion to help me with my decision. RSSH, Kdar90, Monoclonal, Dr Nishu, LeoRahi and SachinS.. I hope I listed all..

  1. Cost of ownership - 8.58 lacs for the top trim.
  2. Safety features it comes with
  3. Compact dimensions - not too bulgy like the Linea - I want to be able to take this out daily
  4. Fun to drive
  5. Frugal maintenance
  6. More Kms to the liter.

I test drove the Ford like 4 times before finalizing it. Once just in the city at ambling speeds, once with my wife, once just to make sure this is the car I wanted and once for my dad - he wanted to see the comfort on the rear seat.

Booked one on May 2, Akshay Tritiya - a Moondust (whatever) Silver.

Booking Amount - 10,000/-

Down Payment - 2,00,000/- (incl the booking amount)

Loan Amount - 6,58,000/- (from SBI @ 10.95% - no prepayment penalty)

On Road Price Pune - 8,84,000/- (incl. 3rd yr extended warranty, Zero Dep Ins and RTO taxes)

Discount offered - Corporate Discount - 16,500/- Cash Discount - 10,000/-

Final On Road Price - 8.58,000/-

Got the VIN today and turns out I get a April 2014 manufactured car!! Not bad at all...

I read through the "want to know when your car was made" section to find that out.

Quite a helpful thread there...

The loan will be sanctioned in a couple of days but it turns out that I will have to visit the SBI branch to complete a few formalities there... ridiculous to me since the other banks do it right there at the dealership.

Nevertheless, its SBI.. plus, i get a lower rate of interest there with no prepayment penalty.

Hope to have the car home some time next week... More updates to follow...

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Congrats for your new companion. I can imagine how confusing the period is before buying a car and how joyful it is after owning a car. Its like a big addition to a family , like a new born brought to home . Wish you safe driving and luck on road. We will wait for your reviews in the future!

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... Market value of my Baleno is 35k ....

If it is in running condition, it is always better to retain it than selling it for 35K.

As already reported, we sold our Esteem VX (1999 Dec) for 45K as both our

kids are now 6 feet plus and do not wish to drive low slung Esteem. So, we

had to sell and make some space in the parking lot.

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@ monoclonal and Rameshbabu

These are no prices to sell your trusted vehicles.Selling it for scrap will fetch you more , go to a salvager instead.

If you love a FIAT then check with the local dealers for the promotional drive that give you alteast 1Lakh for your old car any make any condition.

Someone i know just a fews days back , turned in her over 15 year old vehicle , and got 1 Lakh plus first year insurance on a Punto Diesel

If you havent turned in your vehicle yet , make the most out of this offer.

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Man this is both good and bad news.. I'm not sure how this will work out.

Technically, you're right. It's at the time of delivery that the prices should be calculated. I'll call up the dealership to discuss further.

Thanks for the update!

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Typical dealers. Now they say they aren't aware of this news at all. And it's only after the news comes from Ford that they'll be able to apply any rate cuts.

I'll just cancel the booking now if they don't pass on this benefit.

Re booking will save me at least 10k

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Sorry for 3 posts in a row. Just read the reverse of the payment receipts.

Clearly mentions - prices prevailing at the time of delivery shall be applicable.

Looks like I have a winning line here..

Thanks Rssh, it'll save me some money :)

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Ford Classic prices begins at Rs.4.88 lacs for base petrol, it's 10k lesser over its previous price.


If by the delivery of your car dealer refuse to give he car at new reduced price due to non-arrival of orders from Ford then better is to delay the delivery for another few days but make sure you get equal promotional offers with new price as with new prices or variant launch auto cos used to stop the discounts or they do price cut to cut off the massive discounts earlier they used to offer.

Btw, Read somewhere today that Hyundai is offering Rs.48k discount on Verna diesel & Rs.43k on Verna petrol. Do checkout thr final OTR price of Verna 1.4 CX CRDi at you nearest dealer for a while, if i'm not distracting from your decision.

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Dealer are legally obliged to pay you the difference or adjust the bill at the time of deliver. Please check your note(Receipt of advance payment), may find in fine print regarding total final payment subjective to change with MRP or available of stock price.

I am sure the dealer won't cheat you unless you have made complete payment.

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@RSSH - I had actually got the same ex-showroom price as stated in the team-bhp news.. looks like those guys are late by a month with that news.

This info is updated on the ford india website since April 1. I was put off when the sales advisor refused to take note of any such news.

So finally after a lukewarm (not heated) conversation with him, I called up the Ford service helpline. They put to rest all my doubts of a price decrease and confirmed the ex-showroom price for Pune too which turns out to be the same I'm getting.

I called up the SA to apologize later for the incorrect piece of news... but I did what I could.. after all it was 1 EMI for me :-)

So all things settled, I'm in for a PDI tomorrow and hoping that the car would be in my parking somewhere around May 14/15.

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@RSSH - I had actually got the same ex-showroom price as stated in the team-bhp news.. looks like those guys are late by a month with that news.

@Neeraj, i don't know about team-bhp news, but i think Ford had advertised further price reduction (last one was done in Jan'14) around 7-8 May.

Since you had booked around 2-May, how come the dealer had offered you new price before company announced it?

But anyway little bit more price reduction or no, you should enjoy your new ride.

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@ monoclonal and Rameshbabu

These are no prices to sell your trusted vehicles...

... give you alteast 1Lakh for your old car any make any condition....

What you said was true. But, I never wanted to buy another car. My Xylo is giving excellent service to us. With less and less driving in future, I do not wish to buy another car. Elder son will buy one shortly and the younger one, after his studies. And, for both of them, driving ESTEEM is out of question.. So, forget about one lakh. I can't see the car lying in the garage. Now, at least some one else is happily driving it around. ESTEEM must be happy. So, we are happy. Money was never the consideration.

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Hey guys, quick update.

For with the pdi. Sweet looking car... All things in place, music system, lights, engine fluids, fuses, interior clean, all OK.

Showroom quoted 10k for 3M body coat and underbody treatment.. Ridiculous.. Will get it done from a 3M workshop near my place..

Just a question here. What type of treatment is done to new cars?

My Swift underwent a thorough wash, some fine grinding treatment, then a layer of some carnauba type coat and a nice shiny finish.

Its this grinding process required for a new car with fresh paint?

I treated my Swift after 5 yrs and the result was awesome.

Let me know if a paint treatment is necessary at this point.

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