My handcrafted 1:18 scale models: Fiat Linea and others

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Here comes the full gallery.

Hats off to the Ecosport's design team. I will never forget the huge efforts i had to take in marking up all those lines and details. This is easliy the most difficult one I have attempted so far.

The Ford logos are absent in some pics.They were added only at the last moment.

Also,the projections in the fog lamp housings as seen in the above pictures have been removed..I felt they looked like dual exhausts placed at the front :Dpost-35798-0-35968600-1402573910_thumb.jpost-35798-0-56197400-1402573890_thumb.jpost-35798-0-20470100-1402573867_thumb.jpost-35798-0-41701300-1402573848_thumb.j

Ford with the Fiat twins:


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And now,the much wanted stage by stage pictures :

1. The basic bodywork has been sculpted out of a plain rectangular thermocol

2. The surface has been coated with micropore strips,finished, and the glass area has been dealt

3. The headlamps and grill have been added,along with the fog lamp

4. The body claddings added and the tail lamps have been fixed.

post-35798-0-31596800-1402653067_thumb.j post-35798-0-91331900-1402653091_thumb.j

5. The wheels are being readiedpost-35798-0-76668600-1402653115_thumb.j

6. And now,standing on its own feet(i mean,wheels :D ) for the very first

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Updating this thread after a very long time.I just got too busy with my studies and had to leave the models half way done. Now that I'm having sem break, I completed one of them :)

Presenting, the 1:24 Renault Duster.


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Almost 8 months since I last updated this thread.I was unable to find sufficient time for another model.

Now I have managed to complete this 2014 Volkswagen Passat.

Scale : 1:18

This time I have tried to add almost every possible detail,including door handles,wipers,shark fin antenna,etc.Hope you guys like this one too :)


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