Need advice for buying my first car

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Hello everyone,

So, Finally I am all ready and excited to buy my first car. I need guidance on which one to select.

The cars I have in my mind are :

  • swift ZXI
  • Swift ZDI
  • i10 grand
  • Ford ecosport Trend Petrol
  • ford ecosport trend Ambience

The budget I am going with is 5 - 7 lakh.

Swift, I am aware is a stable option, as this car has proved itself in the whole world (and not just Indian market). I am confused about Ecosport and Grand i10.

My focus is to own an amazing car with reasonable cost of ownership. (.. Again I have heard Ford cars go heavy on pocket when it comes to maintance etc...)

1- My current driving will not be more than 10kms every day.

2- I can go for ZXI, but I have heard ZDI has a lesser depreciation than petrol model.

3- Shoudl I go for a diesel model or a petrol one ?

Please suggest.


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hello friend, i have read your query. I observe you have 3 cars on mind. Every opinion is based on personal experiences. Let me tell you that i will advocate a suzuki car and try to suggest you with other options as well.


I will suggest you to refrain from hyundai unless you have a special taste for it. Hyundai cars are fun to drive with very smooth pedals and equipment, a better plastic quality then rivals but i have noticed that the metal used is prone to rusting. You can notice rusting body underneath hood and boot and also underbody especially in front of rear wheels on older accents and santro . Its a pain .

You have mentioned REASONABLE COST OF OWNERSHIP as your priority . Though suzuki cars are no longer cheap but yet the cost of maintenance is less comparatively.

This suggestion is out of previous ownership of a hyundai accent crdi and santro.

Ecosport :

Unless you are a fan of the looks of ecosport or wish to buy a SUV style car with low price tag, i will strongly suggest not to buy ford as parts availability in open market is less and they cost you a fortune. The biggest drawback with ford is they suffer parts failure with time without wear and tear. They demand parts replacements and the cost is relatively high.

Above suggestion is out of experience with ownership of a ford icon 1.3 petrol.

Swift :

I will suggest you to go with a suzuki Swift . When it will come to longterm ownership , suzuki will cost you less and as per your priority i will consider this parameter. The parts are widely and locally available in case of urgency. The quality of swift has been considerably improved. The swift faced a braking efficiency issue on older models and on new swift ABS has improved braking capabilities.


When we count on this Swift will again score high in comparison to hyundai and ford. Though Hyundai also has a good resale in India.


As per your current driving pattern, i suggest to buy a petrol version of any car . Lets take example of swift . Diesel swift costs 1 lac over petrol ( top variants). As your daily driving distance is 10 kms presently and lets take a hypothetical situation for same distance. If you drive daily 10 kms like this and both the car ( petrol-diesel) deliver you an overall efficiency of 15 kmpl in actual driving conditions for start stop short distance, then at present fuel prices ( diesel 55 rs /lt and petrol 80 rs / lt ) , it turns out to be a cost difference of rs 2 per km in which case you will take another 13 years to recover the cost difference of 1 lac rs without calculating the interest and lets keep the cost difference in spares of petrol- diesel plus battery aside and service cost aside.

Other options: I will suggest you to consider other options in same price tag also considering your budget of 5-7 lac rs.

EX-Showroom price as per maruti suzuki official website in Chandigarh:

Swift ZDI : 6.71 lac OR Ertiga VXI ABS: 6.71 OR Dzire AMT: 6.63 lac OR Dzire ZXI : 6.34 lac OR Dzire VDI: 6.51 L( approx.)

Swift ZXI : 5.70 lac OR Swift VDI : 5.95 OR Ertiga LXI: 5.95 lac OR Dzire LDI : 5.95 lac OR Dzire VXI : 5.44 lac ( approx.)

Swift VXI : 4.89 lac OR Swift LDI : 5.48 OR Dzire LXI :4.89 lac OR Celerio VXI AMT : 4.49 lac approx.



You should consider other options also in the same price tag. I have tried to classify them. You can consider new auto transmission celerio if you want a hatch back as you have a short distance to drive and it shall cost you 5.30 lac on road and it will be easier for short drives.

You should also give a thought to DZire due to practicality of boot space. Its a heaven when you have a boot at rear to use. On occasional family trips you will realize its worth. As a collegian i always preferred sedan with a boot over a hatch, its really necessary.

In context to your ecosport you should give a serious thought and test drive Ertiga. It has high seating drives like a MUV. Has a very soft ride and comfortable suspension and is a very practical car. It gives you a feel of bigger car with better brakes and lot of space.

Good Luck!

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Hello there singhamandeep_1990. Welcome to the forum.

Good input by HitlerinLove there. :)

I would suggest you go for the i10 Grand, new in the market, fresh looks. Overall a good car with good maintenance from Hyundai. I know this because I own a i20.

The swift is a stable option as you said. If you buy the swift get the Petrol Top end model. Your usage is very low i.e. 10kms daily means 300kms monthly. Which is very low for a diesel car.

But If I had I had to choose one I would definitely go the Grand way :)


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I have used two Swifts in the last 8 years. A Swift Vxi followed by a Swift Zxi. The usage of my cars are similar to yours (my wife uses them mostly). I have no hesitation in recommending a Swift petrol version. The Swift Zxi should be the car for you.

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Thanks everyone for your response (especially Hitlerinlove ) for taking time out and explaining things in detail.

I am looking to use the car for 80% city use; I will start taking it to highways once I get well versed in driving.

I visisted a Suzuki showroom recently, the salesman suggested me to go with a Swift VXI instead of ZXI, as he says top end model will not be of much use to me because of my driving limited to city (speeds of 40 - 60 kmph), as ABS is meant for higher speeds on highways.

The same for rear defogger, as I stay in Delhi, and it fogs here only for 20-30 days in a year.

2- If I go for a VXI, I get to customize it with cool gear.

  • I am thinking of adding a Sony Disc player with 4 JBL speakers
  • get a reverse senser
  • Alloys
  • Seat cover
  • spolier

Please give your suggestions.


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I think it wont be a wrong choice either to go with VXI instead of ZXI considering the price difference. You should go with it , it will be a fine choice . If you are spending around 5 lac on this car , you can also test drive Celerio AMT , it will also be fun to drive for you and a reletively fresh face . But due to long waiting period for delivery it is far from being a good alternate option. Good luck !

Those accessories you are planning will be cool option to enhance its looks! But be cautious from where you buy it. Dont compromise on quality and dont spend without giving a thought. Check your local vendors for stuff and you will discover a good price difference in quotations . Be careful on that.

As per your spoiler if its already painted , its fine or else you need a good paint job .

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Dear Amandeep before buying any car do visit their official page on facebook and see the feedback of the present owners. Also visit the popular forums on all the cars you have shortlisted.

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As we discussed earlier, any "cool gears"/accessories/retrofitting done at any car showrooms or any accessories shops are the major cause of fire in the vehicles. Amandeep you are planning to accessorize your future car, the electricians just cut the, perfectly insulated, wires and join the speaker/reverse horn etc wires by hand and then cover them with insulation tape, this insulation tape would eventually come out in 5~6 months and the naked joint would come in contact with the car body and creating a hotspot and eventually cause fire. Usage of Plastic terminal block connectors are recommended, see the attached picture.


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