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Mahindra Xylo Performance

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Mahindra 2.5 engine is a quite efficient engine and i dont understand what kind of performance you want to extract out it. Since you think its not giving you power surge , you should take a test drive of other competitors of same segment like innova and you will feel mahindra engine is more responsive.

Still you can go with modifications , the simplest of all being the air intake , you can fix some free flow air filter like K & N . I am not sure of compatible filter availability but it wont be an issue. Again if you are in dusty conditions your stock filtration is best.

Spending more you will have to check for ECM remapping and that has to be an expert job and money pouring in . Your car is a decent car , i will suggest you not to tamper it.

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I have XYLO top end E8 7-seater, bought in 02/2009.

Same engine. Never felt the need to do any tinkering

to boost its performance. We have used the vehicle

extensively (most of the time fully loaded) and never

ever felt that the car is either underpowered or needs

any more muscling up. So, I was just wondering why

you were looking at such options?

Can you be more specific?

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This is a torque engine which pulls effortlessly and its main purpose is to extract more mileage. Getting more power out of this will reduce its reliability and the gearbox and clutch might not be rated to handle more power/torque and could be damaged in the process.

Remember the mHawk engine in Scorpio developed 140bhp but M&M wasn't sure about reliability hence reduced power to 120bhp. They then got the new generation gearbox in XUV5OO and have 140bhp but they cannot fix it to Scorpio due to different engine mounting and output shaft. Also most tuners don't ever see M&M owners getting remapped engine and this less experience factor should deter you from being a guniea pig for them.

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