petrol fuel additives for my fiat palio 1.2 car


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There are many additives available in the market. The most easily available at local petrol stations for instance at Bharat petroleum stations , you can find System G for petrol and System D for diesel by Intex.

I am not sure how much improvement will it make to your cars performance but it will help to clear deposits in fuel injection system. But be cautious to add recommended level and not to exceed them as it can corrode metal parts in fuel line resulting into obstructing something.

It can corrode and decay rubber parts if used in excess.

Other caution : Pour additive in well ventilated area and avoid storage in car cabin or rear boot. A spill in the car can be hazardous for health.

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I use System D in my FIAT Grande Punto 90HP and few of my friends using System G in their Palio GTX. The difference is not that great but in long term it will result in healty car engine.

Use can try using Acetone and Xylene if you want but I dont have much informatio about it. You can get it any local medical store. I used Acetone in Punto 90HP Diesel and difference was not noticable.

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Most additives are fake and don't really make a car get better FE. They can only clean some carbon deposits in the injector but using is often will do more harm ;there have been cases of injector failing and warranty nulled after check fuel in the tank containing additives.

If its not there on the manual then why spend on additives. Additives were invented so remove carbon deposits in older car which tend to loose power over time of over 5 years. It shouldn't be used always check out this video

an old car looses about 1bhp per year about 12 bhp in this case but 12bhp out of 190 bhp , so doing the math a 80bhp 1.2 engine will loose only 5 bhp.

@anirudh btw which car do you own?

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Dont know about additives but having the injector cleaning done at about 40000km makes a noticeable difference. Maruti recommends doing it at that distance, not sure about number of years. I got it done at the MASS in my preowned Wagon R mostly because I didnt really know when the last service was done and whether any engine cleaning was ever implemented in its 6 years. Its smoother in acceleration since.

However, that will still not make a difference in the FE. Try reducing the aircon cooling- just turn the dial so as to let the aircon run at a higher temp. In my car there were two positions in the switch within the blue bar. I got 9.8kmpl at max cooling and then 11.5 or so in the very next week with a lower cooling setting and I am still a learning driver


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