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Royal Enfield Fraud

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Sir i am attaching a mail done by me to royal enfield. I am not getting any positive response from their side at last i am taking the help of Auto car magazine to help me out with this issue.

I am an esteemed customer of royal enfield since last 15 years. I relying on my previous expreinces purchased a new bike on 23rd February 2014 and has run for about 1500 kms.At about 200 kms the bike started having missing problem in which bike stops abruptly in between and doesn't start. Then i visited service center Asko at Paraparganj Delhi, then they said that you bring your for first service at 500 kms and the the problem will sorted out then. Then on 8th May the chain of the bike suddenly broke down at midnight and i almost had a severe accident and had to tow the bike to my home. Next day I had gone Asko Parparganj again to get the chain repaired in which the changed the lock of the chain and about missing problem they said that they will consult senior engineer and just forgot about it. At 1000 kms i had expreinced a strange problem in which there was problem in shifting from second to third gear which was earlier also but not to much extent. But after repair of the chain the shifting problem increased. Then i had to go to Asko again and without my consent they changed my clutch plate and assured me of rectifying the problem but the problem as such persisted and also the punch of new bike was also not there. Then on next day i again took the bike to Asko for the gear shifting problem, they opened my engine without my consent. Now i dont want to keep this bike at it is giving troubles to me from the starting. Therefore i want you to deliver me the fresh bike as soon as possible in same model and color in one week otherwise i will make a big statement out of this, I will go to judiciary to get the justice. I will also make sure to get at least booking of 3 bikes cancelled. Hope to get postive respone from your side.


Model- Royal Enfield 350 Electra

Regn No. DL -15 W 5504

Engine No. - 381784

Chasis No. 381784

Mobile no. 9899566399

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I feel sorry for you Monu. The problems seems some severe ones. I would suggest you get it checked once again from another service centre. And yes do try emailing them again.

Try again, but if it doesn't works then you can take help from Judiciary

Hope I helped

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I am also a victim of unprofessional and unfriendly approach of Royal Enfield dealers and service centers.

been using RE since 2003 (bought a friend's bike) it was deluxe model. I was happy with the bike because I never visited RE authorised service station my road side mechanic was good enough and trust me also good in behavior than RE service guys.

Feb 2011 bought RE Classic 500 from Maindola RE in Aligarh (UP) it was the worst experience I ever had buying a vehicle.

At first.service which I got done at Rudrapur (Uttarakhand) told me that PDI was not done for.this bike and was deliverd as is.

I also installed the upswept exhaust their and after running with upswept exhaust my bike started to make a cannon fire type of sound on accelerator overrun.

On my way to Nainital stopped by a RE authorised workshop at Haldwani (Uttarakhand) and told about the issue at that time RE engineers were present they checked the bike connecting laptop and made some adjustments and told me the problem will fade away but it doesn't.

Time came for the second service it was done at Maindola RE at Aligarh and the dealer was so ill equipped that there was not even washing facilitie available. I was given a coupon thoug for a wash at some bike wash point which to this date I couldn't avail.

the cannon fire problem could not be taken care again.

Third Service:

Took the bike to Ess Aar motors service station in Delhi and complained about the cannon fire, mechanics there tried to convince me to live with the problem as many people install some accessory to get that cannon fire sound. I vetoed the proposal though. they kept the bike for 2 weeks and did something. I got the bike now the the sound problem was not there but the bike felt like riding a 100 cc bike.

Fourth Service:

By this time battery was completly dead though properly taken of. contacted service station they told me the warranty claim will take 20-30 to get the battery replaced after I have dropped the battery at the service centre. Decided to buy a new battery instead of waiting. Also the engine started make noise crank/piston this time took the bike to South Delhi motorcycles Delhi.

complained about the engine noise problem there nobody acknowledged the sound and refused to work on the bike which was still under warranty. One thing to note here is that after the arguments the service manager started to show off his revolver and called a bouncer. Left the service station with only service done. extremely bad experience.


As the engine was make noise the bike started to emit white smoke and faild the PUC test. took the bike to Ess Aar Motors again they said the piston rings are gone but its better to replace the piston barrel kit as it was making noise. Got the whole kit replaced received the bike with same engine noise minus the smoke they charged me 10k for.the job. Bike failed PUC test again went back again they kept the bike for 4-5 days this time bike passed the pollution control test but the engine noise was still there. I still doubt they changed the kit.

Frustrated and pissed off sold the bike with a pledge never to buy any RE product ever again.

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