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hey people i am new to this forum. i live in gurgaon

pls advise me on buying a new car...i am trying to give you my requirements as detailed as possible

automatic transmission is MUST

petrol or diesel doesn't matter

both city and highway driving

self driving

running approx. 500 kms per month

budget around 20lacs

preferably sedan but can also consider SUV

should be comfortable, good ride & handling, safety features

i am considering: VW jetta, Skoda octavia, Toyota Corolla altis

you may please add more suggestions....

should i spend extra for skoda superb

should i wait for Audi A3

i already have VW polo petrol & Honda brio AT petrol....satisfied with both

please give your valuable advice & opinions

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Hello There, Welcome to the forum :) x

I agree with Bhavneet, Octavia seems a safer bet.

But the Altis is not bad at all. Forget about the Jetta TBH. The Altis was, is and will be a great car in this segment. You can also check out The Sonata or Elantra AT. Both are great cars. But when it comes to handling; Hands down for Sonata. The Elantra clicks in all aspects.

IMO, TD the Octavia, Altis and Elantra and then decide.

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@drnikhil0143: It is the All New Octavia which is the buzz in the car market in terms of performance, ride & handling, features and comfort.

I would strongly recommend you the Octavia. Check it out and TD it.

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For your running per month a petrol engine is better suited for your use. Though I love the 1.8TSi but the DQ200 automatics gearbox is very unreliable it costs 1.5 lakhs to replace if anything goes wrong with it. But the diesel DQ250 gearbox is more reliable ; Jetta is excellent but a bit to understated and similar looking to Vento but IMO the Highline AT is the one to go for.

If you want excellent reliability (better than above 2) then the New Corolla AT (CVT) and Elantra 1.8 AT are good choice and will undercut your 20 lakhs budget but may not be as fun to drive as the Germans.

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have test driven both jetta & octavia.....both are almost similar.....octavia looks slightly better.....but overall jetta is better & VW as a whole is better than skoda

& skoda dealer says 5-6 mnths waiting period which is really too much inflated(they are definitely not selling that much)

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