Cheating by online tyre store "tyreonwheels" : Tyres Not delivered even after one month

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I have ordered 4 tyres from by paying the full amount on April 28. I have contacted them many times. Finally after making a lot of calls/emails to them they replied that the tyres were shipped on May 16 and given me one tracking number of professional courier which as much as i try doesn't work. Today it worked and its was only shipped out yesterday.




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Did you contact them through email before you bought the tyres

Werent you advised then that these would take this long to be delivered

Or did the website not specify that we take this long to deliver such imports.

without answers from you , It as of now looks clearly a case of a budding online trying to get its act together.

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Yup Tyresonwheels is a flawed website to buy from. IMO its a scam when I wanted to buy tyres I was browsing through alloys and I like the fluidic Verna replica alloys but on the website it was mentioned as 15 inch which I wanted to cross-check. Called the customer care to know about more, and a harsh voice said "Jo website par hai sahi hai. Jaldi order transaction karlo bahut demand me hai"; and this after not even telling the alloys model no.

If the customer care is so bad then so will be the service, also you should have researched before buying from them. They have very poor review and many people have same issue as you. They were a good start up then they lost it IMO.

Post your problem on their FB

again and again.

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If you would like to get this case addressed, please log your case with CNBC Awaaz Paheredar. You can visit CNBC site and look for more inputs.

They solve such cases fast and sure shot.

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