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wow!!!!..... man long list of pics....... i tell yah.....

and what i have heard lahore has real hot underground racing scene too....... didn't really get to see it personally.........


Real nice pics.....

are these of your own?

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u heard wrong true Underground Racing scene in Karachi not in Lahore every sunday saturday night all racers g2g @ Sea beach side locations for racingz blokin roads n stuff..... Real Racing scene in Karachi! @Karachi Tracks, Marina club, National highway, Devils Point DP, CreekCity,  hot rod sexiest UG scene @ CreekInn Area 51 Karachi.... every Saturday and Sunday after 4-5 PM PK

theez pix belongs to PK


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FuelRunGod2008-02-11 04:55:54

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em owner of XtremeRacingzone Organization and Pakmotorsports Motorsports org from PK... but now out of motorpsrts stuff from last few months newayz most welcome ova here ::D  our org members and peopls spootted cars on the roads n send all pixx around pakistan to  ME :) so i uploadd on my gallerzz 

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