celerio amt or brio at or grand i10 at

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Whats your Budget - Rs 6.5L

Kms driven monthly - 1000kms

Bodyshell - Hatch/ Sedan/SUV/ MUV (any)

City/Highway split - 60:40

Max No.of Passangers - 3 most of the time

Boot space Importance - (conidering update to cng in later years) Medium

Usage by - Enthu and Lady

Ownership - City

Safety - High to Medium

Prime requirement - Ride and Handling, FE, Braking, Passenger Comfort

need some help regarding this.. need to buy an automatic.. considering family of four and all tall and heavy.

plz help fellow ACI members.

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My vote goes to CVT Brio. More refined and all safety feature.

Celerio's AMT is not refine however approximate hundred thousands cheap from Brio, and Celerio third party CNG compatibility in doubt where as Brio has no scope to put CNG (small box).

Friend of mine having i10 ATM and he is happy and no complain from Car.

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Check the i10 Grand AT. As you'll be upgrading o CNG it seems a safer bet. The boot space is good. The Asta comes with good features. Brio is not a bad buy though. TD before you decide

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I think is huge price difference between Grand i10 and Celerio AMT.

Brio AT and Grand i10 AT cost is almost identical however my vote goes to Grand i10 AT as it is new entrant in the market, fresh looks and interiors than Brio and more number of service centers.

I read that you will be upgrading to CNG in future and if that is the case, I would suggest you to wait for TATA Zest Diesel which will be launched soon.

The initial investment will be bit high compared to Brio, Gi10 AT however Diesel engine will help you to lower the running cost. I think one you have car in your hand your predefined monthly usage increases.

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Going by how soon you can get one

Celerio has a huge waiting period , its good if its your first car.

Brio is a proper Automatic , you will get it sooner than the Celerio after booking, it has a very low demand

Recently checked about Grand i10 Auto , it is available after a waiting period of atleast a month in Delhi, on paying half amount upfront.

Also CNG fittment with an AT wont be that a bargain afterall.

Also as pointed out , Tata Zest, would be the cheapest diesel AMT , its a compact sedan and not a hatch.

New AMTs in the pipeline

Maruti Alto K10

Tata Zest cheapest AMT COMPACT SEDAN

Mahindra Quanto cheapest AMT COMPACT SUV

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