What are the advantages of a diesel engine?


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Advantages - Good FE, Less expensive fuel, High Torque

Disadvantages - Expensive, High maintenance, Engine is noisy compared to Petrols.

The main thing is buy the new car based on the Usage. Usage below 1200, go for the Petrol. Anything above that Go the Diesel way!

* These are just the basic advantages and disadvantages, Check this link for detailed info

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I want to know the advantage of the diesel engine, who can tell me? :rolleyes:

My friend advantages of diesel engine over what cng , lpg or petrol engine.

Man diesels have no throttle plate so needs lot of air i cylinder to take you forward so turbo is a must and so torque is high rpm does not rise high as in petrols, so their maintenance is high , more prone to part failure.

fuel prices are almost same, resale value^^^

but on other hand petrols are really heart winners in terms of power, maintenance

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This is an old topic but still unexplained clearly. I am too confused whether one should go for Petrol or Diesel. Kindly try to reply these queries.

If there is only occasional driving of ~50 km and daily drive of ,say 3 km, total accounting to about 500 km per month, at the same time if I don't want to spent more on Fuel, while keeping the maintenance normal what should I go for ?.

Regarding maintenance of diesel engine, what is that makes it cost higher ? (running cost rather than the initial cost). Please give details

Is a diesel engine could perform well in high city traffic or it will be difficult to drive in city ?

Comparitive to petrol engine what all periodical checkups are required in diesel ones?

regarding CNG, Maruti Suzuki is not providing CNG in top variants and what may be the reason for that ?

More info if any?

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