Hero Impulse (Pros - Cons) My ownership review

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I too own an Impulse and here are my views

The bike comfort is quite good with the front fork and back suspension. I have a thumbs up for Hero to come out with an off road bike. Hats off Hero. Good start for Indian motor bike additions

Good ground clearance and helps ride in the traffic without knocking off other bikes mirrors so nice in traffic. Also can cross medians in emergency which other bikes can't do.

Things not really good or have to be improved:

1 ) Front disc brake doesn't lock completely when apply brake.

2 ) Also the brake and clutch levers need to have a bit more of distance from the grip as if you use only two figures to use the clutch or brake the lever touches the other fingers limiting the braking. Prefer it to have the dog leg levers that will have a better clearance.

3 ) For a 149Kg bike the bottom end power is very less. I tried riding it on the beach and in the first gear the engine was about to stall due to lack of power.

4 ) As the height of the bike is high the wheel base has to be increased by at least 4 inches to improve braking. In 60 Kms if you brake the bike drags about 5 feet and stops.

5 ) Engine heats up a lot compared to the Yamaha Fz16 I have. Not sure if its with only my bike so you can't ride the bike with slippers in the neighbor hood as it burns the right leg.

6 ) Light brightness seems to be less compared to other bikes.

7 ) For the 150cc bike Hero need to provide some performance parts to improve the bottom end power as bike lovers will not worry on mileage, but pure fun.

8 ) Back wheel wobbling when changing gears. Looks like a manufacturing fault. Hero company has to come out with a solution as the bike height is more accuracy of bearings etc.





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