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Pics Diary : Around the world !!!!!!

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I would like to thank my friend for providing me this awesome pics. He's an avid traveller, shared this pics with me I thought of sharing this pics with you guys.

Starting off with :

JAPAN - Tokyo/Kyoto/Shirakawa Including the Historic Hiroshima and Nagasaki !


Hiroshima and Nagasaki : After the atomic bomb was dropped in WW2


And How it stands now!!!!


PART 2 to Follow !

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Antarctica :)

The starting point of our adventure is Melbourne, Australia. We begin by flying southwards towards the Antarctic continent:4kzt.jpg

Majestic mountain ranges covered in ice:


Continue on Southwards:


Large cracks in the glacier start appearing. Effects of Global Warming :(


More to follow!

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"Ross Ice Shelf" in Antarctica.

Where is the "Ross Ice Shelf" you ask? It is at the bottom of the Antarctica continent. To go there, you have to go further than the south pole itself.



Awwwhhh! This pics is just amazing!


Remnant of a recent Avalance :/


How can anyone live in such an environment is beyond me:


Celebrating NYE in Antarctica - Private aeroplane, private band. Love the irony of the dudes wearing Hawaiian shirts whilst touring some of the coldest places on earth.33qd.jpg

Here is an interesting factoid:

At Antarctica's southern pole of inaccessibility - the point in Antarctica furthest from any ocean - there is a large statue of the Soviet revolutionary Vladimir Lenin. And what do you know, the Lenin statue is facing Moscow! Buggers Russians so bloody cool.


In 1979, an Air New Zealand flight crashed into Mount Erebus killing everyone onboard. Read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia....land_Flight_901

Most of the debris is still there on the slopes of the mountain. When the snow clears, you can see bits and pieces of the plane:



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From another expedition. And this time I was lucky to go with my traveler friend.

Only the 10% of the iceberg is visible albeit you can see most of it's part underneath as in the pic. The aircraft flies lower than usual on this kind of expeditions.


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