Alto 800 brakes query

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Asking this query on behalf of a colleague. He has an Alto 800 with factory CNG. His car is about an year old and just about to complete free service period. He has a particular observation that the brakes aren't sharp when the air con is on. With the air con off they are fine but with it on they are very soft. Also they don't seem to work on quick repeated application. The MASS guy was chattering that these are vacuum brakes and the don't work on quick repeat application as the system doesn't develop vacuum. That just doesn't make any sense. Anyone have any idea regarding this issue ?


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First of all, brakes with and without AC are designed to work just the same. It's only a slight loss of power that you feel when you turn the AC on.

Ask your colleague to see if the disc/calipers are okay... get the brakes bled once if you still cant get to it.

Also, the original bite of the brakes die and you wont get the same feedback when it was new. Happened with my Swift and I did trouble the MASS guys a lot.

Just make sure nothing is wrong with the brakes from them.

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+1 to Neeraj,

Check brake fuel level, it should be above minimum mark and up to maximum level.

I also own a 6 month ran in Alto 800 CNG, and initially there was a little issue but in my first service I asked MASS to check that and it got fix. No issues now.

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