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Swift Vdi--> #5th service # 30000 Kms

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Hey Guys!

After a long time, posting an update :) .. So this darling car of mine is now 14 months : 30000 Kms old! Gosh time just flew by :o . She was getting sluggish day by day, demanding a visit to the service station. It was getting delayed due to my hectic schedules, so 1 fine day just woke up early and went straight to AAA motors , Okhla. En route i was thinking yeah baby I'll be the 1st one blah blah , when eventually I reached at 8.50 AM, hell yeah I was number 8 :angry: . Ok so now coming to the point, service adviser came , made an estimate of roughly 7k with the following breakup :

  1. Engine Oil (Mineral) - approx 1400
  2. Oil Filter
  3. Air Filter
  4. Brake pads - approx 1600
  5. Labor and taxes - approx 1700

And some other small things, total amount i paid was 8k. The SA advised some exhaust valve overhaul which he said is done at 30000 and 60000 Kms costing approx 3000. I was short on time so avoided it, can anyone suggest what is this?

1st drive after the service - Hmm felt a little better , touched 120 , there i felt not so pleasant ride, this may be because of mineral oil, or i don't know, maybe someone can advise me .. :wacko:

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Running the car at higher and low speeds results in the poor burning of the diesel. The diesel take longer time to burn as compared to the petrol. This result in the heavy carbon deposits on the exhaust valves and the turbine blades. Overhauling of the exhaust valves meant removing of the carbon deposits from the exhaust valve faces thus resulting in efficient flow of the exhaust gases and more space in the combustion space thus more power. The SA should have offered to overhaul or clean the turbine blades of the turbocharger, clean blades would result in high rotational speed of the rotor thus more air to burn in the engine thus more power.

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Synthetic oil offers far more better lubrication than the Mineral-Based oil. Synthetic oil use leads to longer life, more efficiency, enhanced performance for the engine and marginal increase in power(according to some tests). I have read somewhere that Synthetic oils should be avoided when the engine is new and is best used after around 15,000 km.

Since your vehicle has done 30,000 km, you should have gone for Synthetic oil in place of Mineral-based oil.

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